So? What's comfortable?

So? What's comfortable?

This is a discussion on So? What's comfortable? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have a G26 inside a Crossbreed Super Tuck and love it. I was looking of the pictures of how everyone carry’s so tried to ...

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Thread: So? What's comfortable?

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    So? What's comfortable?

    I have a G26 inside a Crossbreed Super Tuck and love it. I was looking of the pictures of how everyone carry’s so tried to move things around. When I first got it I placed it at the 3 o’clock on my right side. After looking over the pictures I moved it to the 5 o’clock right side. Seems this is popular. It felt real good BUT after having it at the 3 o clock it felt as if it was behind me. Like some one at Wally World standing behind me could access it better that I. And I carry my wallet in my back right and it seems that I had fighting to get it out and keep everything concealed. So I split the difference. 4 o’clock. Feels good. Access to $$.

    How about it? Anyone have the same issue?
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    If your shirt is tucked around the holster as the holster is designed, then nobody but you will either KNOW it's there or have access. I keep my CROSSBREED Deluxe Super Tuck for my H&K P30 9mm at the 4 o'clock or a bit more to the rear. This is because it seems to fit in the hollow of my back neatly and be comfortable for driving while still offering access seated in my Jeep. The silly seatbelt makes it tougher to clear, though. I'll have to practice that one since the Jeep is brand new.
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    No matter what my carry position is when I use a tuckable holster, I always tuck, then pull my cover shirt up a bit on both sides and do an equal 'blousing' of my shirt. This way I don't look lop-sided and certain movements are more uninhibited. May be a bit more sloppy looking than straight tucked in, but it works well and even covers my OWB cell phone. Know what I mean?
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    agree with Ram Rod, I do the same thing, frees up movement anyway... I carry between 3&4 on or just behind the seam on the leg of the pants.

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    I carry at about 4 or 4:30. Untucked. I also adjusted the cant a little bit.

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    My preferred position with the Crossbreed is at 3:00 no more than 4:00. Thats with my RIA compact 1911a1.

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    I dont carry a crossbreed and probably never will. However, I carry at the 4-4:30 position and its natural for me. I even asked my wife to come up on me and try and pull it out really fast. She couldnt do it. Its well concealed and I still have access to my wallet just below it. BTW I carry my XDm40 in a Pure Kustom Black Ops Pro

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    IWB and back by the seems to disappear there. Everyone has to find their own spot.
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    Comp-tac Minotaur 4:00 IWB either tucked or with loose fitting shirt to cover.

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