First time looking at carry options

First time looking at carry options

This is a discussion on First time looking at carry options within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; So here is to hoping I don't get laughed out of here on my first post. I have been shooting for about a year and ...

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Thread: First time looking at carry options

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    First time looking at carry options

    So here is to hoping I don't get laughed out of here on my first post. I have been shooting for about a year and do enjoy it. I recently traded my Glock 21 in for a Sig p250. I am happy with it. I am getting my carry soon and am not sure about the best way/type of holster. From what I have seen on the forums it looks like it is all a matter of individual comfort. So I guess what I am trying to ask in a long winded way is what are some things I should keep in mind while looking for a holster? Any assistance is appreciated.

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    Get ready to have a box of holsters that you have tried and discarded. Unless you know someone in the holster biz, I don't know anyone who has dodged the holster box. That aside, assess your physical build realistically; if you have broad shoulders and a thin waist, you can hide a cannon on your hip. If you have narrow shoulders and broad hips, you'll be more prone to printing at the waist. What gun you carry will also determine your choices. There are an awful lot of knowledgeable people here with more energy to give more advice, so I will defer to them. Welcome to the forum, there is a lot of knowledge to be gleaned here.
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    Comfort does play a part of it. If you have a holster thats not comfortable, you'll leave your gun at home. I think concealment is the main issue. Your holster must effectively conceal in all types of clothing, in all situations. You may have to plan your wardrobe around your carry gun/holster.
    You will have to experiment a little and will probably end up with a drawer full of holsters, like most of us.
    I prefer IWB (inside the waistband) holsters. To me they just conceal better. Wearing one of these sometimes requires a larger pair of pants. I do wear OWB when weather is cold and I can wear a coat or jacket.
    The gun you carry is an important factor too. The larger the gun, the more difficult it is to conceal. I currently carry a S&W 3913. It leans toward the small side and has a bobbed factory hammer. My holster is a HBE Com III, an IWB of course.
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    Welcome to the forum and congrats on your first post!

    No matter what options you seriously look at from opinions here, or on your own research, just remember one willing to work with them. Recommendations here will start you off in the right direction, and don't be too hasty in your choices. That way might avoid that drawer full of holsters that never see the light of day again. Holsters are relatively expensive, and an unused holster is a hole in your pocket. Then again, you can always post your holster for sale here if things don't work out. I'm rather modular myself, and I guess I've chosen wisely and worked with what I wanted, and my drawer full of holsters gets opened every day and I choose which one I want or need for the specific occasion. My drawer of holsters is just like my gun safe...they all get used one time or another, and all of my pistols get carried depending on circumstances or whim.

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    Welcome. Yes you well have a box of holster.

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    from Central Florida!

    Start with this one...In the WaistBand (IWB) at about 3:30 (if you're right-handed)...
    FIST, INC. (add a body extra piece of leather to prevent the body of the weapon from touching the skin.)
    You'll be good to go...

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    Welcome aboard!

    Buy quality and don't waste your money on "cheap but good", there ain't no such thing!
    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

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    Oh yes the joys of finding the right holster
    I got lucky once with the Desantis Speed Scabbard I picked up for my Kimber, perfect fit straight out of the box.
    Now my wheelguns are another matter, I picked up a similar style Desantis for my J-frame, even in heavier winter clothing I look like I have a large growth on my right hip.
    When I picked up my 686 I tried a similar holster for it, not bad but not quite enough cant to it for me. The hidden bonus was the open bottom, the 6" GP100 fits like a glove in that holster and actually hides pretty darn good with a sweatshirt. I had it on for about 5 hours before hubby asked if I was carrying a revolver.
    Like RamRod says your basic shape will help determine where to start, as well as your wardrobe to some extent. Most of the time broad shoulders do help, but if a friend describes your shape as 2 watermelons balanced on a beer keg, supported by stilts, I feel your pain
    For me IWB just doesn't work, and since I wear my shirts untucked to hide the beer keg, OWB is much better.
    But be ready to try a few before you find the one that is just right.
    Disclaimer: The posts made by this member are only the members opinion, not a reflection on anyone else, nor the group, and should not be cause for anyone to get their undergarments wedged in an uncomfortable position.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    There's been a lot of good advice given here already. Know that you'll probably end up with a bunch of holsters before you find what you like and that may still change. I like to pocket carry and go IWB depending on the gun and my attire. There's a lot of great holster makers out there. Start doing some searches and reading to try and narrow things down. Don't forget a good belt also. I like The Beltman for that.

    It really is going to come down to what works for you comfortably. Everybody is built different and has different needs. As noted, if you're not comfortable, you may not carry as much. One holster probably won't do the trick so again, clear out a drawer. I have a few that work well for me depending on the gun and situation.

    Good luck in your search.

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    First let me just say welcome and thank you for choosing this site, it gives me the opportunity to spout off! Anyway, a bit about me, I am an instructor and I teach concealment. I have dealt with first timers just like you many, many times.

    Listen to Thumper, a cheap holster will end up in the box in a few short days. Spend the money (if you are serious) and buy a good quality, CUSTOM holster meant for YOUR gun and you. Expect to spend anywhere from $100-$250 on a good holster. Anymore than that and you are getting robbed... unless you are having the poor soul making the holster work his butt off with detailed designs or something.

    But before you decide on a holster, you want to know what KIND of holster. That depends on what your clothing style is. Do you tuck in your shirt? Are you a jeans and loose tee shirt person? Wear a suit to work? Shirt with a loose over shirt? etc. Depending on that, you can choose your style.

    A bit about each style. IWB (inside the waist band), many first timers think this is crazy. Shoving something INSIDE their jeans. With a good holster its comfortable and it serves a purpose like no other. CONCEALMENT! This is the best way to conceal a gun. However the only draw back is if you wear tight pants, you might consider looser fitting clothing. This is also how I carry. I wear a full size XDm at the 4:00 position in a IWB with a loose shirt. I can draw and put two rounds in my target in under 2 seconds.

    Next is OWB (outside the waistband). Cross draw or strong side, its totally up to you. Harder to conceal only because you have to hide more of the holster and gun with a loose shirt. But, its comfy! I dont recommend cross draw, its slower, IMO, and you have the potential to "sweep" innocents.

    Shoulder rigs: easy to conceal especially larger frame pistols. If you have wide hips (nothing bad) then this might work better for you. One draw back is you always have to have a shirt over top. Its not that bad, this goes for every gun.

    SMB (small of the back) if you feel it necessary to carry this way then dont let me stop you. I dont condone this way of carry. Only because if you get knocked down, pushed up against a wall, your done. The bad guy can see if you are printing or not. You cannot. But again, if you like it go with it.

    For a good holster, check out my post entitled "Check this out, my new Pure Kustom."

    If you have ANY questions, feel free to ask. PM me if you dont want to post.

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    Holsters depend largely on how you're built and what you wear (which you've heard), The type of gun you are carrying (you will have some specific checking to do because some holsters fit some guns better), and finally your intentions while carrying. What I mean by that is I like to carry a very small pistol on my strong side kidney. It is very comfortable there and fits well for me. Of course I live in a pretty safe area, so being back there it will cost me some time on the draw as apposed to having the thing right up front which I think is uncomfortable when sitting. Secondly I carry IWB (in my pants), and I keep it pretty low, not much handle sticking out, which both add to concealability, but make it harder to draw also. If I loved that place on my body but lived in a rougher neighborhood I would probably carry outside the waistbelt and up higher with no protector or piece of leather in between the back of the gun and my body, which would enable me to get a full hand on the grip of the gun, making for an excellent draw, but then you always have a gun poking into your back. Try sitting or doing normal tasks for a decent amount of time with the gun on you at home without a holster. How does it feel? How does it draw? Like purchasing the gun itself, it is always a trade-off.

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    Hi Mike.. Welcome aboard! Everyone is correct here, you will have a box full of holsters, my 1st one was a High Noon Holster (IWB) and i love it. However i seen a friend of mine have on a Uncle Mikes #15 shoulder rig and i really like it. You really need to try lots!! Best i can do to help you out. Go Cards!

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    I've got a Crossbreed for my XD-40SC. It's very comfortable. However, like you, I'm searching for the best that I can find. That also means that I'll end up with the "holster drawer".

    Unfortunately I just ordered a Cell Pal holster. But I didn't look here before ordering it. While I'll make up my own decision, the reviews on this forum are less than glowing, to say the least.

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    Congrats. on getting your carry permit. Best advice I can give has probably been given already as this is a very knowledgeable crowd. Everything is a trade off remember. You will probably end up with several holsters to use depending on your attire and the weather. I like IWB Tuckable holsters from Tucker Gun Leather, Tucker Gunleather . You might check them out. If it isn't comfortable you wont carry, remember that above all else.

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