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This is a discussion on A Holster RANT within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I found this thread really helpful! :) I have been experiencing angst with trying to find a good way to CC. I just cannot comfortably ...

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Thread: A Holster RANT

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    I found this thread really helpful! :)

    I have been experiencing angst with trying to find a good way to CC. I just cannot comfortably carry around the waist. I even find that just a simple cell phone holster is very annoying and I end up taking it off after a little while. And while I agree that the most comfortable carry method is not going to be the most effective carry method.. if it's so uncomfortable I fight it constantly, I'm going to end up not putting it on in the morning at all.

    I'm currently pistol-shopping and am looking for something in the tiny variety. I've found that I like shooting the ones I've tried so far, so that isn't a concern much.

    Other than a pocket, has anybody here used an effective method that doesn't involve having to wear a belt?

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    Just a thought I had about you working with dogs and having a smartcarry. If the dog jumps up on you, and his claw is in that region, the force exerted will be toward the ground, or down. I cannot think of any way a dog could "push upwards" unless you were actually laying on the ground. Now, a downward force is the exact OPPOSITE way needed to pull the trigger. Plus, with the material covering the trigger guard, I find it almost IMPOSSIBLE to actually pull a trigger while TRYING, let alone on accident. Just my thoughts, hope they help.
    Better to die on your feet, than to live on your knees.

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    Bunny you may want to have two holsters, one for CCing and the other for teaching, range use. Have you looked at the Blackhawk Serpa holsters for use as you Level 2 retention holster? Don't get frustrated, it'll take some time to find what works best for you, I've been carrying for seven years and still experiment with holsters, use to carry OWB only and switched to IWB about a year and half ago, a prefer it now, however, I am still experimenting with holster types, Summer Comffort type verses a Versa Max 2 style rig.
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    I guess a pant size larger wouldn't work?
    During your work you may have to use a thumb break holster and not chamber a round.

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    Bunny.,. I would call Rocky and talk with him about his holsters.. I can say they don't make them more comfortable (not possible) and they are thin,. You may be able to carry IWB,.. Don't compare a $90 holster (fit) to a custom,... He can normally send it out right away... It is worth every penny.. I can fit mine in normal wear pants,..

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    Calm down Bunny.

    (^T Bone)

    Okay, I deserved that. I just wanted to throw in a word of encouragement. The search can be frustrating. And for some of us, it's never ending! I've got dozens of holsters, still looking for a better one. But once you find one or more that actually work for you, the continuation of the search can at least be fun.

    There is some great advice already posted above. Especially the one who quoted the posts with pics showing how a couple of women carry. And referring you to Cornered Cat.com.

    One I didn't see yet was a recommendation to check out LimaTunes videos on holsters on You Tube. Her name there is LimaLife. Link here

    Give a look, see if anything there helps you!
    Regards, T Bone.

    "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety". Benjamin Franklin

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