need help finding a good carry for spare mags.

need help finding a good carry for spare mags.

This is a discussion on need help finding a good carry for spare mags. within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hello all, I carry a Springfield XD 45 cal side arm, (yes the 5 inch modal) IWB style in the small of my back. But ...

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Thread: need help finding a good carry for spare mags.

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    need help finding a good carry for spare mags.

    Hello all,

    I carry a Springfield XD 45 cal side arm, (yes the 5 inch modal) IWB style in the small of my back. But I find that well my weapon is is safe and not seen I have problems concealing the the two spare mags that I carry. Right now I am using the Tagua IWB holster but have not given much thought on how to better carry the 2 spare mags.

    Any ideas?????


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    I used some scrap leather to make a spare mag carrier that I also carry my Kershaw knife, or one of my three spare LCP mags. It's not much to look at, but it goes in my front pocket and doesn't print through my Jeans.
    need help finding a good carry for spare mags.-magcarry.jpg

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    EBC, you have several options, depending on how concealable your magazines need to be, and your dress code. and others carry IWB magazine carriers, many are tuckable.

    When carrying IWB holster, for a spare magazine I just use a leather or nylon knife/multi-tool sheath. It's on the outside of the belt, but unobtrusive and mostly unrecognizeable, especially in casual clothes like jeans.



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    I use the Galco DMC Double Magazine Carrier. It sits tight against my body so it doesn't print. I carry them at 8:00

    It's not an IWB though, so disregard if that's what you're looking for.

    Galco Holsters DMC Double Magazine Case

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    First of all...Welcome to the forum...
    I also carry extra mags in a nylon Gerber Multi-tool pouch. The sheep never even give it a second thought...
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    I also carry IWB/SOB (but over the right kidney not the spine) with a palm out draw.
    I use this OWB for mags...
    Galco Protect and Serve Mag Pouches / Cuff-Cases

    I have a single and a double...clips on belt. (IWB's dig into the skin...on me, OMO)
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    Milt Sparks makes an excellent IWB mag carrier, although you might have quite
    a wait.
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    Sometimes I carry spare mag IWB, sometimes OWB. I use the same mag carrier for both methods when I'm not carrying pistol OWB.
    Uncle Mike's - Kydex Mag Cases

    Just to add a bit more to carrying spare magazines.........I don't tend to worry about totally concealing them as well as I am the pistol I'm carrying.

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    5.11 Tactical Denim Pant plus FREE SHIPPING and HAT , 5.11, 511, 511 Tactical, 5.11 Tactical Pants, 511 Tactical Pants, tactical clothing

    The above link has: Features

    13.5 oz 100% cotton denim
    Hidden concealment pocket inside front waistband
    Hidden magazine pockets
    Hidden handcuff pocket inside back waist band
    Traditional jean style, slightly relaxed fit
    Belt loops positioned to accommodate holster wear

    Even if these pants didn't have all these features they would be my favorite most comfortable pair that I own. I carry my P3AT in my front pocket(in a Desantis Superfly) and my +1 magazines in the hidden magazine pockets.

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    My holster is IWB but my spare magazine pouch is OWB. I have enough IWB already!

    Galco makes a couple nice OWB Magazine Pouches that are available without any wait. A t-shirt covers my IWB holster and the OWB pouch just fine.
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    Try Side Guard Holsters. They have pretty much anything you might need.

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    I also carry an XD 5". It is carried in a Comptac MTAC holster and I also use their mag holder.

    Good luck.
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    I use a Gould and Goodrich double mag carrier. Mine is a paddle back but they make the same model with a belt loop. It is very flat and comfortable and does not print. I have a couple from Milt Sparks and one from TTGunleather on order.

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    I use the Comp-Tac magazine holders.
    Magazine Pouches -
    I have a single and double for my M&P 45. and the single for my M&P 9c and my ppk/s .380. I love these holders.

    Here is a pic of the double 45:

    And here is the single 9mm.

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    Smartcarry. Spare mag pocket built right in!

    For single stack mags, there is the double mag wallet from abetterholster. Keeps them upright in your pocket, and prints like a wallet. I used one in my left rear pocket when I had my PM9.
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