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Anyone use a clip IWB holster WITHOUT a belt?

This is a discussion on Anyone use a clip IWB holster WITHOUT a belt? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Agave I can't keep empty pants up without a belt, much less all the crap I carry. AMEN!...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Agave View Post
    I can't keep empty pants up without a belt, much less all the crap I carry.
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    i did it for a few years, worked fine

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goldy49 View Post
    I use a Don Hume IWB with a clip. The Don Hume holster almost takes an act of God to come loose
    +1 These are good IWB holsters for CC options. I use one daily.
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    any other recomendations for IWB, non belt wearers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by erdocsg View Post
    any other recomendations for IWB, non belt wearers?
    With a belt, I wear a Crossbreed unless I'm going to be stopping at a place that doesn't allow carry (like a doctor's office)and I'm going to have to disarm in the car - then I use a Remora.

    I can also wear a Remora with gym shorts with a drawstring. I don't wear shorts without either a belt or drawstring, so I couldn't address that.

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    No way.

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    Tagua clip leather,when wearing a belt,sob,IWB
    When wearing drawstring shorts I use a pocket holster that has velcro same area,and it stays put unlike using it in a pocket and have to shuck it.Weapon is a Pt22 as cant hide a big gun in summer in t shirt and shorts im 130 lbs,nor do I desire to carry the weight in 100 plus heat.Or a plastic cannon that hurts to shoot it.For same reasons printing dont like double stack mags-grips should never exceed 1 1/4 in and prefer them 1 in myself,for cc.
    Love 45 acp just cant wear one as small as I am without an outer covering.Truck carries it,not me.

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    Heck, I have trouble getting the holster secure with some belts. I couldn't imagine trying to draw without a belt.
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    I'd need a belt. Probably belt and suspenders if I keep insisting on carry so much junk in my pockets or on my belt - Gun, Gerber multi-tool, spare ammo mag, Minimag or LED flashlight at night, cell phone - that's just on my belt. Keys (2 sets), always a couple of bucks in change, tin of dipping tobacco, granola bar (diabetic), wallet, comb, knife, handkerchief in my pockets. Out of all that junk my wallet seems to be the lightest.

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    I don't understand this need to quickly slip on a gun to go run an errand.

    I am always wearing the gun. Always. (Okay, not in the shower - though it one could wear the LCP in a sandwich bag hung round the neck with string while in the shower. <G>) Anyway, if I suddenly decide to go out to the store or run a short errand, I don't have to slap the gun on quickly, it's already there. I regard at home as one of the most important places to carry full time. One of the reasons I picked the bathrobe I have is because the Glock 26 in a pocket holster fits in a robe's pocket no problem.

    And no, with my build, wearing my 19 or 26 IWB with no belt isn't an option. I have a good HD gunbelt.

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    I do.. but just sometimes.

    Alessi Talon, their patent (pending?) clip is by-design to clip on the trousers and NOT the belt. If your pants is tight enough you can wear without a belt; I do have a pair of jeans that I can ccw a PM9 in it without the use of belt. I also have Mitch Rosen Clipper, their steel clip has a reverse hook that it can also be used without the need of a belt. Pix for your ref .. it was originally taken for ride height comparison purpose. Alessi Talon is the 2nd from the right, Mitch Rosen CLipper is on both sides of it:

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    I carry my 38sp+p lcr without a belt in a Desantis IWB , works fine I also use a remora in cooler weather. This time of year I walk wearing a bathing suit and it clips on and stays no Problem.


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    I carry my pt709 this way for a quick run to the store if I'm wearing the right shorts.
    Otherwise no.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dukalmighty View Post
    Nope Gravity requires I wear a belt

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