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What type of holster do you use?

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View Poll Results: How do you carry and do you change with the seasons?

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  • Leather IWB all the time.

    78 29.77%
  • Kydex IWB all the time.

    33 12.60%
  • Leather IWB in warm weather, Leather OWB in cooler.

    29 11.07%
  • Kydex IWB in warm weather, Kydex OWB in cooler.

    6 2.29%
  • Kydex IWB in warm weather, Leather OWB in cooler.

    6 2.29%
  • Leather IWB in warm weather, Kydex OWB in cooler.

    2 0.76%
  • Kydex OWB all the time.

    10 3.82%
  • Leather OWB all the time.

    39 14.89%
  • Off body carry.

    2 0.76%
  • Pocket carry.

    57 21.76%
  • Smart carry.

    11 4.20%
  • Ankle rig.

    9 3.44%
  • Shoulder rig.

    10 3.82%
  • Holster shirt or similar.

    5 1.91%
  • Method of carry changes by mood, moon phase, alignment of planets etc

    58 22.14%
  • I only carry some of the time and not enough to sufficiently answer

    2 0.76%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: What type of holster do you use?

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    Leather... God made not man made!
    IWB 85% of the time and OWB when it's cold!
    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

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    I carry IWB crossbreed holster when my pants are loose enough,and Leather OWB more often now,I notice there is more printing from the OWB carry mainly due to the holster having less forward cant than I like
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    N. Kentucky Area
    IWB Tucked at work, OWB Cross Draw most everywhere else.
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    central florida
    I had to choose Method of carry changes by mood, moon phase, alignment of planets etc. I carry a Glock 26 in either an MTAC, SmartCarry, Desantis Nemesis or in a Ka-Bar TDI fanny pack. It depends on what I'm doing and what I'm wearing.
    Question Everything!

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    Orlando, Florida
    being from florida we have hot and humid, hotter and humid, and hot and humid as heCk! so we really don't have much of a "season chanage" more of a "how much more/less will i sweat today. I started out carrying w/ IWBs from high noon holsters and now its all don hume OWBs. nothing to do with the weather just more comfortable taht way

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    Didn't know how to answer. About 50% kydex OWB, the rest either leather OWB or IWB.
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    Yuma, Arizona
    ...“Method of carry changes by mood, moon phase, alignment of planets etc.”

    This was my answer and for good reason. My gun carry methods coincide with my dress code for any given venue or seasonal influence. For what its worth, I use to really like my Thunderwear (SmartCarry) but it got old and proved to be uncomfortable and the least accessible of all other methods.

    Since I reverted back to revolvers, my carry options are highly influenced by the style of grips I use. Heck, I have as many different style grips as I do with the various carry devices I now own.
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    I have a Kydex Blackhawk Serpa OWB I use to carry my 1911 in. I usually OC with it, but if it's chilly enough or raining I throw a jacket on over it. If I need to conceal I use a cheapo Uncle Mikes universal IWB.

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    SE Texas
    How about "Varies, according to placement of belt loops, and the waist height of the pants worn that day?"

    When I switch between leather and kydex, or IWB to OWB, it has nothing to do with the season, and season seemed to be the reason for the poll.

    When I use a Safepacker, it also has little enough to do with the season, and much more to do with my desire to carry a full-sized fightin' pistol in addition to the one I am wearing concealed on my person in the usual spot. That one in the usual spot may well be a full-sized fightin' pistol, itself.

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    That poll was worse than the ACT. Too many options.

    MTAC most all the time with an occasional mix of OWB, ankle and Smartcarry.

    Year round.

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    Far Far away
    I voted method, but I carry in a fannypack sometimes, and (kydex/leather) IWB most of the times.
    Keep your powder dry

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    I am adjusting to the super tuck. Wear it all the time, trying to find comfortable spot for sitting, sitting in car, standing, and bending. I have to slide it way forward to bend and not stick out. It adjusts for cant as well. It is comfortable, and in the last two weeks since it arrived, it has become part of my attire. Went up a size in pants, and need larger t-shirts as well. I like my shirts tight. @ home I tuck my t-shirt in behind the holster, and keep a cover garment handy. If I go out I tuck shirt in front of holster.

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    North Georgia
    I alternate between IWB and OWB for my 9, either in a Fobus Paddle, or my Don Hume 715, but my LCP is always in a Blackhawk 1 pocket holster.

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    Panhandle of Texas
    on duty: OWB Leather/Kydex hybrid

    Off-duty: depends on which pistol I carry
    but majority of time its kydex OWB, but depending on pants/shorts/tshirt combo I sometimes use a leather Galco USA IWB, sometimes use Galco leather OWB w/snap
    Certified Glock Armorer
    NRA RSO, Instructor

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    It varies depending on time or year, dress attire, and where I’m headed.
    Here on the island its pocket carry a Kel-Tec P3AT 380.

    If I’m headed over into town, I may pocket carry the G26 or put on a OWB leather SGH holster at 4 o’clock and cover it by un-tucking my shirt.

    If I’m headed out on the boat, or to the beach, I bring along Black Hawk gear bag and my G26 rides in it.

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