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Best OWB concealment holster

This is a discussion on Best OWB concealment holster within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; If retsupt99 had said anything but FIST I would have spit my drink all over my keyboard! There are a lot of custom holster makers ...

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Thread: Best OWB concealment holster

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    If retsupt99 had said anything but FIST I would have spit my drink all over my keyboard!

    There are a lot of custom holster makers who are sponsors of this forum who can make what you want. I have Galco holsters and they are nice but... not as nice as a custom will be!
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    I carry my Glock 27 in a Don Hume H721 OT and it fits very close to my side.

    H721 O.T. [H721 O.T.] - $48.00 : Don Hume Leathergoods, manufactures high quality leather and nylon goods.

    They also offer one with a thumb break H721

    H721 [H721] - $55.60 : Don Hume Leathergoods, manufactures high quality leather and nylon goods.

    These are very good quality holsters at reasonable prices.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thumper View Post
    If retsupt99 had said anything but FIST I would have spit my drink all over my keyboard!

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    Might look at the Wolverine at Rides high and conceals well.
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    There are alot of nice custom makers out there but due to your holiday time crunch i would suggest a "Galco Concealable"
    I have owned 2 of them now & they are really good for the money
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    For the best concealment, go with a pancake style OWB holster. Paddle holsters are bad as they tend to print the handgun unless you are wearing some bulky clothing/jackets.

    As for the maker, well that is like asking someone, what is the best flavor of ice cream. You will get many different answers and opinions. For off the rack leather, I prefer Desantis over Galco. I have owned many Galco holsters that are like wet noodles. There are many custom leather makers who are leagues above anything readily available at your local gunshop but you will most likely have a long wait. Mitch Rosen makes some real nice leather in his express line which ships fairly quick. I would reccomend buying a 5JR or UPL express model holster.

    Now if you have time and a big wallet then you will have plenty of amazing choices of leather.

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    I had an Aker Leather FlatSider™ XR13 168A for my P2000, which is very similar in size to that Glock 19. It concealed well. It just didn't fit my 1.75" Beltman, so I had to wear it with a rigger belt.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
    I am starting my christmas shopping (Yes, I'm on of those people that like to be finished before the season even starts :) and I am looking for a OWB holster for my dad. He recently bought a glock 19 after shooting mine and liking it. Number one concern here is concealment. I suggested IWB but he wont have anything to do with it. What do you folks consider to be the best holster for maxium concealment for carrying OWB?

    Rollo, you didn't mention anything about Dad's shape or how he dresses, that might help.
    An option might be an OWB holster with the optional inside/outside straps that make it a convertible, can be worn IWB or OWB.
    I ordered a Sourdough Pancake from Simply Rugged holsters for my S&W 686+, with the optional straps(extra $10.00) and I really like the quality of the holster and the way it fits. Rob altered his basic design somewhat to lower the ride of the holster, making it a perfect fit for me. I'd bet if you gave him some info about Dad and what he normally wears, he can make something to fit his needs.
    I recieved the holster in just over two weeks, great fast service, and a quality product.
    Leather Gun Holster, Concealed carry holster - Simply Rugged, Proudly made in Alaska
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thumper View Post
    If retsupt99 had said anything but FIST I would have spit my drink all over my keyboard!

    There are a lot of custom holster makers who are sponsors of this forum who can make what you want. I have Galco holsters and they are nice but... not as nice as a custom will be!
    Thumper you are right, there are some great holster makers on this forum and some others named from time to time.
    I have often thought about getting a fancier 'quality' holster from some of the others...especially those with the 'eel or gator' trim.
    The only hold back is the time involved. In fact, I was just looking at such a holster from XXXX, but the wait was almost a year...I couldn't handle that. Fist has proven to be ' fancy trims, etc.,' and I can get them in 4-6 weeks. So what am I to do?

    Take care...

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    The relatively fast delivery and good quality make Fist a best buy if one does not want to wait for Sparks and others. I should add that the price is very attractive also.
    I find the #12 great for my J frames, and prefer it to some more expensive holsters.

    After all, if a holster is not junk, last well, holds the gun tightly, is the right height, is concealable, and one can reach it for a good draw, what else is really needed. Of course some of us like top quality leather, but Fist is not far below the top rung. I consider the ones I have perfectly satisfactory.

    retsupt99, are the SA #12 holsters cut low enough so that the muzzle clears at the top of the belt? If not I think the #7 would, but I have never seen one.


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    winter time when I can get away with wearing something more than a T-shirt in the south florida sunshine I use a Raven Concealment holster OWB. it can also be converted to IWB to suit whatever need you want. High quality thin kydex molded for your firearm. About 30days lead time.

    I'll snap a pic and post it up here for you with my G19 in a raven holster OWB so you can see.

    I don't wear it often since I got a nice IWB leather holster. I do wear this when I'm tucking my shirt in behind the gun and wearing a hoodie or jacket over it. Pictured is my G19.

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    A holster that I have come to really like and respect is the Cuda by Simply Rugged. It is both a quality piece of leather and workmanship. It can be ordered such that it will function either as an OWB or and IWB holster. When worn OWB with a good belt it clings closely to my side and conceals quite well. I recommend the CUDA highly!
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    Out of all the OWB holsters I've tried for my G19, the most concealable for me is the UBG Bonneville. It rides high and tight. Conceals well under any untucked shirt or even short jackets. Nate is running 3-5 weeks on delivery right now. The 19 on the belt with the mag pouch is mine in the gallery. UBG Holsters
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    I am a HUGE fan of Fobus Holsters. I have a Fobus for every HG I own. I love-em cause they work for me! Although, I should disclose (out of fairness) that when i carry a 1911 style (cocked and locked) I use my Bianchi black widow because the retention strap goes between the hammer and firing block. Just added safety.

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