Glock w/ light holster

Glock w/ light holster

This is a discussion on Glock w/ light holster within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I just got a Glock 17 and one of these and was wondering if anyone could recommend me a holster that would fit when using ...

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Thread: Glock w/ light holster

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    Glock w/ light holster

    I just got a Glock 17 and one of these and was wondering if anyone could recommend me a holster that would fit when using the light?


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    Try calling Blade Tech.

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    Well that Viridian site has a holster listed, but it's nylon and likely generically fits 'all'. The Viridian lasers may not be as popular as some of the older versions like the Surefires or the IT (Insight Tech) attachable sighting systems, so it may be harder to find. Molle Gear makes one, but again, it's pretty much for military gear and not around town holster/carry as we are accustomed to. I found a good link that tells what holster makers do provide holsters for pistols with lights/lasers. Should help you out a lot. As previously mentioned, I think most of the options will be kydex.
    Pistol-mounted lights: Their value and their holsters

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    Raven Concealment Systems makes it.

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    I would try Raven first then look at Blade-tech.
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    Hoo boy...

    Sorry, I had a similar problem trying to fit my pistol (G21sf w/GTL10 Taclight) into a "real" holster. The problem is that it is the infamous "Short Frame" model with a picatinny rail. That makes it about impossible, apparently. I found a nylon one that sort of fits the bill (universal), but I'm looking for something better.

    Anyhoo, Blade-Tech may be able to help you, as might Raven, but I got the best "Can-do" from Mernickle Leather. They assured me that no custom was too big or problematic.

    Other private makers may be able to do the same...

    Good luck and keep us posted! I for one will be interested.
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    Blade Tech

    Try Raven, Fist, Aker... just talked to a regular customer who said BladeTech wasn't up to par w/ customer service or accepting something "new".
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    Fobus makes a holster that will work with a variety of light/laser combos for the Glock. Not the greatest holster necessarily, but might work for you. I like the ones I've gotten from them.
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    +1 for Raven by The Malabar Front

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