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This is a discussion on Supertuck Order Placed within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Does the kydex wear on the finish if the gun? Mine is Nitron black, and I'd hate for it to wear off....

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Thread: Supertuck Order Placed

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    Does the kydex wear on the finish if the gun? Mine is Nitron black, and I'd hate for it to wear off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guns and more View Post
    Does the kydex wear on the finish if the gun? Mine is Nitron black, and I'd hate for it to wear off.
    Any holster will wear bluing off if you remove and re-holster the gun often enough, even leather.

    I don't know what the Nitron finish is, but if it is one of the "hard" finishes, the problem may not exist.
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    Quote Originally Posted by automatic slim View Post
    I realize you already placed your order, but there is a distributor on eBay that ships next day they have your model in stock. I ordered one for my Kahr K9 and received it 3 days later. BTW his prices are the same as factory.
    I did look around Ebay before ordering and found my model. I wanted to deal directly with Crossbreed as i am not in a real hurry to get it and felt it might make things easier if i ever had to send it back in for warranty work. Removing the middle-man in a way.
    No matter where it was ordered from, i sure am excited to try
    out a Supertuck for myself.

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    Holster showed up yesterday, less than a week after ordering. I swapped holsters as soon as i got home last night. Right now i'm running it out-of-the-box with no adjustments. I think i might increase the ride height a little, but other than that i am very impressed. Certainly a huge difference compared to carrying OWB. Now i am on the hunt for a better gun belt. The one i am using now is fine, but the adjustment just isn't there. Once i add that, i think it will really help increase the comfort. For now, i'm gonna wear the hell out of my new Supertuck and get it broken in. Will get some pics up shortly.

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    I went the other way from the stock belt clip position, down to the lowest ride height. Sucked the g19 right in under my right love handle. Seems like if I let it ride higher, the end of the grip prints quite a bit.

    Love the supertuck!

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    I am still wearing the Supertuck at stock height and cant. For an informal type belt I wear the Wilderness Tactical Original Instructor's belt in 1.5" wide and added 5 stitch. I always wear an untucked shirt so nobody sees my belt anyhow. The belt is infinitely adjustable and one feature I found was when using a urinal, without pistol, you can reattach the velcro end when undone so the belt does'nt hand loose.
    Kel-Tec P-11, Supertuck Deluxe, Wilderness Tactical Original Instructor's Belt

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    You will not be disappointed with the holster. Most comfortable one I have worn, easy to conceal for deep cover.
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    I orderd mine and had it in less than a week!
    I played around with the depth and cant and think I found what I like.
    One setting makes a big difference!

    You will like it!
    John VanDusen

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    My Crossbreed Supertuck came about twice as fast as they said it would, even tho' I ordered it in Horsehide. It's my favorite holster and my EDC rig. It's also IDPA approved for anyone thinking about competing.

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    I forgot how many days it took from order to delivery, but it wasn't long. I looked elsewhere for used models and found none. That tells me that folks whom buy one don't readily give them up. I have tinkered with the settings a tad, and it is super comfortable. The kydex is a little loose until I wear it--then it holds my XD9-Scum Dispenser with perfect retention.

    I've had to buy a longer belt ($29 @ Zahners for CT folk) and went up a pant size. I also get shirts in a larger size so I can blouse it out some (I typically like my t-shirts sucked tight).

    I have family who are perceptive anti's (bless their souls) who cannot tell I am carrying (bless Mark & supertuck). Thanksgiving this year will be the test.

    Mark is good stuff, good people.

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    I had mine in 5 days. I have two supertucks. I really like them.They carry with a 1 1/2 INCH belt really good.

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    I've looked up the Wilderness belt and it's on my list. I want to check out what they have in stock at the Firing Line 1st. Flimsy excuse to go to the local gun shop? Of course!!

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    I have 2, and love them. The last one I ordered was here in 5 days. I too have adjusted the clips, and have found the front clip in the top hole, and the back clip in the very bottom hole the best for me.
    Distributor Of Pain

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    Quote Originally Posted by joker1 View Post
    My Crossbreed order took about 14 days, but I also ordered a belt from them which takes longer. If you don't already, get a good "gun belt". They are usually the difference makers. I've been happy with mine so far.

    I'm in the same boat. This FRI will be 2 weeks but ordered the "gun belt" as well. By far the most expensive belt I've ever owned so I hope it makes me a believer!!!!!
    Tad A.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saint77 View Post
    I just ordered mine this morning. Im all giddy with excitement.
    Not to jack the thread but...

    Talk about fast. I ordered mine on the 15th, and it was in my mailbox on the 19th. I am assuming they had one or two on hand already made, as my pistol is a popular model.

    A+ service so far.

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