Supertuck Order Placed

Supertuck Order Placed

This is a discussion on Supertuck Order Placed within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Got my order in right before bed last night. Have been going back and forth between the Supertuck and the MTAC, finally made up my ...

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Thread: Supertuck Order Placed

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    Supertuck Order Placed

    Got my order in right before bed last night. Have been going back and forth between the Supertuck and the MTAC, finally made up my mind. The local dealer here didn't have the MTAC in stock for my G23, but i was able to check one out for another model. The salesman then tried selling me a kydex IWB holster that they have made. The fitment was OK, but i'm not sure it would hold its shape w/out the gun in place and i didn't want to have to deal with a 2-handed reholster. The other thing that threw me was when i asked him how theirs was made, his answer was, "i don't really know".
    Price-wise, the Supertuck came out to be slightly cheaper, but i think what really sold me was their lifetime warranty and 2 week trial period. For some reason, i have a feeling that if i had bought an MTAC and didn't like it, the local dealer would have given me a hard time about returning it.
    So, anyone who has a Supertuck, what was your wait time?

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    I think I got mine in less than a week. Impressive since they didn't make one for the P-11 before I placed my order. CB posted on DC that they could make one for me and I have been extremely pleased with it.
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    I ordered mine on either a Sunday or Monday and had it by Friday. I was surprised at the quick arrival.
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    About a week on both of mine. Great company and great CS. You made a great choice! You will love it! Your G23 will disappear with it. My EDC is a M&P 45c (same size as your G23) and my wife has to ask "are we safe" to know if I am carrying.
    Good luck,

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    Ordered mine on a Wed. night and had it Sat. morning. I love it. The more a wear it the better it feels. Totally adjustable for cant and ride hight. Adjusted mine a few times before I got it just right. Now if I only had my permit.
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    The lifetime warranty is no joke. I have sent mine in for several reasons and have always had it back in a few days. Make sure to get the metal clips. Dont know if they are stock now. Great holster and very adjustable to the ride height.

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    I realize you already placed your order, but there is a distributor on eBay that ships next day they have your model in stock. I ordered one for my Kahr K9 and received it 3 days later. BTW his prices are the same as factory.
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    I got mine in less than 10 days. Can't say enough good things about my Supertuck.

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    I just ordered mine this morning. Im all giddy with excitement.

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    4 days from ordering to having it in my hand.

    Speak of the devil ! The mailman just dropped off my second one as I typed the first part of my post. I ordered it on Saturday.

    I also considered the Minotaur and I'm sure that it's a fine holster. I don't think that there is much difference (if any) between the two. They're basically the same thing. What made my mind up was a problem that I had with the clips that I ordered and how awesome Mark at Crossbreed was about sending out new clips and communicating. It probably was nothing to him, but to me ,it was enough to make me a customer for life.
    Absolutely not saying anything derogatory about Comp -Tacs Customer service, from all indications they are a first class outfit as well. I'm dropping clues to my girl friend about their website as Christmas approaches.

    Sorry for making this so long.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Glock23MI View Post
    Price-wise, the Supertuck came out to be slightly cheaper, but i think what really sold me was their lifetime warranty and 2 week trial period.
    You made a good choice on a new holster, but you were not compairing apples to apples. The Comp-Tac model that compairs to the Supertuck is the Minotaur Spartan Holster which is cheaper than the MTAC. And straight from Comp-Tac's website: " Aside from providing our customers with the highest level of customer service, we also offer a 30 day “no BS” guarantee. Once you receive your gear you have 30 days to wear it and evaluate how well the gear works for your needs. If not, you can exchange the gear or receive a refund, no questions asked. (For complete details visit"

    I'm sure you will like your Supertuck. I just see too many people come on here and compare it to the MTAC, when they should be comparing it to the Minotaur.
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    My Crossbreed order took about 14 days, but I also ordered a belt from them which takes longer. If you don't already, get a good "gun belt". They are usually the difference makers. I've been happy with mine so far.

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    When I ordered my Crossbreed belt and Supertuck it took 8 business days before it was at my door.
    Awesome holster, hides my M&P9c very well, and when I get up enough funds I will be ordering one for my G-30.

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    i got my supertuck and mini tuck in reg mail in 7 days

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    I received mine rather quickly as well...
    Springfield XD45 4" 13+1

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