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Help Please with OWB and Glock 26

This is a discussion on Help Please with OWB and Glock 26 within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Thumper There are a lot of good choices for OWB out there... here's one from Milt Sparks: What kind of floor plate ...

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Thread: Help Please with OWB and Glock 26

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thumper View Post
    There are a lot of good choices for OWB out there... here's one from Milt Sparks:

    What kind of floor plate is that? That seems like it may help control-ability without adding any additional girth or length.

    I am torn right now. I have a MTAC for my G26 and I hate it. I actually hate IWB carry, but I am a fairly small guy and may have trouble with OWB also. I had planned on getting a Shield to aid in this...until I shot one. I am not impressed with the pistol at all honestly.

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    I'm in OK and our springs and summers are blazing hot. I carry a Glock 29 in Skip Ritchie OWB holster under a simple t-shirt. His holsters hid very tight to the body and I have zero printing unless my shirt is unusually thin material. If I feel I'm printing too much, I wear an under armor style shirt underneath my t.

    The 29 is another .10" thicker than the 26/27. Skip's delivery time was only about 20 days, and his price was very reasonable for the exceptional quality I received. The leather is simply beautiful and the fit is prefect. It was a bit tight at first, but loosened to a perfect degree in a couple days wearing it.

    I highly recommend any product Skip puts out! He was also Lou Alessi's designer and protege, so he has almost the same holsters as Alessi, but higher quality, shorter wait time, and for about the same price.

    I am now a certified Ritchie Leather fanboy!!

    Edit- I carry at 3:00 or 4:00, depending on my shirt material.
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    Don Hume J.I.T. Slide. I carry in one under a T-shirt all the time, plus they are inexpensive. Go to to look.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SickMAK90 View Post
    What kind of floor plate is that?
    It is made by GAP Enterprises. I ran them on my G26 and found them to be extremely well made and the fit is perfect.

    G A P H O M E

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    My CrossBreed slide holster is a nice kydex/leather hybrid that holds my G26, my G19, and my G36 equally well. Comfortable and secure and a very quick draw. I find that all-leather holsters are not as fast and will occasionally stretch and become loose. My CrossBreed slide does the job, and more!
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    I am a big man too and I wear shorts most of the time with a tee shirts and I use a belly band. I carry my G23 or G26 with an extra mag and knife all in the band and have no problems even if you want to tuck in a shirt

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbum View Post
    TTgunleather high ride pancake with a good belt. Do it all the time!!

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    Oh man, I am digging that setup. I think I have decided to stick with my g26 and start dressing differently to help me conceal better. I typically wear a L shirt which is pretty "fit" around my chest and shoulders, but is also kind of short in length. I may start getting XL and a nice OWB holster. I just don't think I will ever get comfortable with the MTAC holster inside my waistband.

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    Check out Holsterpro Paul is a great guy and very easy to work with. His model 722 is $50 with FREE shipping. Here are a few videos

    Walther PK380 Holster - YouTube

    Ruger SR9c Holster Custom - YouTube

    go to 1:25 Glock Holsters Custom - YouTube
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    Been carry concealed for over 20 years, have a box of holster ranging in price from 30 to 150 dollars.

    But I have not found one that works any better, or pulls the gun in any tighter than an 8$ Glock Sport/Combat holster.
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    Alessi CQC-S with my Glock 26, Very comfortable.

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