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Great Service

This is a discussion on Great Service within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; When we get threads about customer service they are usually complaints about bad customer service. So since I have a great customer service story I ...

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    When we get threads about customer service they are usually complaints about bad customer service. So since I have a great customer service story I thought that I would share it.

    I have been having problems with the front snap on my K&D Laredo for the CZ 75. This was obviously not a problem caused by the holster maker, but a mechanical problem in the snap itself. It rattled and would get where it just would not unsnap.

    Kevin told me to send it back and I did. He replace the outside piece and we both hoped this would solve the problem because taking off the inside piece would require taking the holster apart. Well the new part helped for a period and then the problem started all over again. So we decided that I would send the holster back after I got the paddle holster that I had on order.

    When I got in the paddle holster a few weeks ago I sent the Laredo back. Kevin called when he got the holster and said that he would get right on fixing it. A couple of days later he called and said that the problem had to be in the back part of the snap and that he was going to have to take the holster apart. Since I had the paddle holster and it was working well I told him to take his time.

    A day or so later Kevin called and said that taking the holster a part had caused some damage so he was going to make me a complete new holster. Again my answer was take your time since I have a great holster to use.

    Thursday he called and said that he had shipped my new holster. It arrived today. It is perfect. The snaps work perfectly and the leather is just as nice as the original. The beaver tail is just as pretty on this one as it was on the other.

    Kevin has done everything that could be expected and more to make sure that I was satisfied with this holster and to make sure that it was exactly the holster I ordered. I expect to get many years of use from this Laredo.

    Thanks, Kevin.

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    Glad to here about your good service. By the way Marion is my birth place and where all my family live.
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    Thats great to hear... love the looks of Kevin's stuff.
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    That kind of service is certainly not common anymore... outstanding job Kevin!
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    Great to hear such a positive service experience!
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