Dash mount holster

Dash mount holster

This is a discussion on Dash mount holster within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Do any of you have a web address or information on a dash mount holster. Thanks............Stay Safe...

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Thread: Dash mount holster

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    Dash mount holster

    Do any of you have a web address or information on a dash mount holster.
    Thanks............Stay Safe

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    I don't know what you drive, but my last two vehicles allowed room for a regular holster to fit between the console and driver's seat...works just fine.
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    I don't know about mounting it in your car/truck, but that Sure Set holster mount looks interesting for some other places....

    I'm with retsupt on this, I just put the holster between the console and drivers seat...
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    I'm chomping at the bit to post pics of mine, but naturally, my hunk of junk digital cam crapped out.

    But I'll go ahead and describe it.....

    I have a Comp-Tac Infidel kydex IWB holster for my XD 45 Compact.

    I have a Nissan Titan truck.

    I went to Home Depot and bought an aluminum strip and some bolts, screws, and locking washers.

    I bent one end of the strip to perfectly match two unused holes in the sheet metal under my dash. I suppose these are for mounting some option my truck doesn't have. It took a couple of attempts and a couple of pieces of the aluminum to get it right.

    I drilled one hole in the strip of steel toward the driver's seat. I set the bracket to "bridge" between there and the other two holes.

    I removed the velcroed snapping straps from a junky nylon ambidextrous holster I bought a few years ago at the gun show.

    I glued a piece of velcro patch to the Infidel. One strap is free. The other is permanently attached to the bracket.

    I mounted the Infidel to the aluminum bracket. I didn't modify the Infidel; I removed the clip and used those holes, then removed the far retaining screw and used that hole.

    I use the canvas straps for extra retention. After all, it's in a moving vehicle.

    I added a piece of black cloth/vinyl for added disguising.

    The gun is now in a spot that only I know about. It cannot be seen from anywhere inside the truck, including me behind the wheel. You would have to be outside on the ground looking up and in to see it. But... I know exactly where it is and I can have it in my lap in about a second or less.

    My slogan for this "product" is... "One quick snap and it's in my lap!"

    Yes, I know the above might as well be heiroglyphics without pictures, but I'll remedy that as soon as I can.
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    I've got bench seats in my truck, but I wedged a kydex holster tightly between the driver seat and bench. Holds very secure, never comes out with the gun, and more comfortable and easy to access than IWB 3:00. It's also out of sight from anyone looking in while I'm driving. It could look like I'm just undoing my seatbelt to hand over the keys to mr. carjacker, when in reality, I'm grabbing the weapon.

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