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This is a discussion on N82 Tactical within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; i have one for my S&W 367 and my FEG PA63 9x18mm i love them, never found anything as comfortable, no grip poking me when ...

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Thread: N82 Tactical

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    i have one for my S&W 367 and my FEG PA63 9x18mm

    i love them, never found anything as comfortable, no grip poking me when i sit or drive.

    i am tall and skinny.. i always carry. holster conceals well, considering my hip bones show, i always dress casual. I'm an amputee, left hand, only thing I'd like is a thumb release safety strap.. just personal preference. my gun never slips out any.. i never trusted the leather formed holsters. i wear it inside my belt..
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    harness leather belt, specify gun belt, is 4.8mm/.22" the buckle is sand cast, nicely polished and weighs 2.2 oz. nice buckle.. my only regret is that i didn't get a couple different buckles.. nickle one for dress and a roller buckle. nicest buckles I've seen in 30 years..

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    Comfort- This was our biggest motivation in developing our holsters. It completely isolates the handgun from the carrier. At no time does the weapon come in contact with you. A 3mm piece of neoprene inside our holster provides not only the padding to protect you from "slide bite" even when sitting in a vehicle, but also protects your investment in your handgun. Neoprene (what wetsuits are made of) is waterproof, creating a moisture barrier that will not allow any salt from sweat or other skin acids to come in contact with your handgun.
    They got the wrong definition of Slide Bite. lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by natej View Post
    My suggestion would be to get a good owb holster such as the blackhawk serpa for general range work.
    The Blackhawk Serpa is good for more than just range work. When working a Sheriff's Office detail in plain clothes, I wear one quite often and it is probably the most common holster for LEO during plain clothes details I have seen, at least in this area. AND, the Serpa is a more durable, less expensive option. I still though, prefer a quality leather holster.....
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    I am not usually a poster, in fact I think this is my first. I just thought I would chime in and share my experience with this holster. Iv'e been using the N82 Tactical with my Colt Defender for a while now. I have some other higher end leather holsters from Milt Sparks that I really like, but I keep going back to the N82 Tactical for overall comfort, especially when carrying in the small of my back and driving. I agree with High Altitude that this is a tough holster to train with. It is tough to reholster without removing sometimes. Many of my law enforcement friends are using this holster off-duty and that's how I heard about the N82's. I have not had any retention issues but do struggle to re-holster. Of course this isn't an issue except when training. I have found this holster to allow very quick draws. I am right handed and use a right handed holster. This took me some extra practice to get fast but the holster was very accommodating as far as angle adjustment. Overall all, while it lacks the beauty of some of my higher end leather, its really tough to beat its comfort and efficiency. The suede is very comfortable against the skin and seems to feel slimmer than my kydex holster. Overall, even though its not especially fancy, it is well made, allows for fast draws, and is extremely comfortable.

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    gmcpuller... I carry a CW9 iwb at the 1 oclock position in front and am very comfortable with that but am having trouble with sweat soaking thru and in general getting past the holster and causing a lot of rust. I have the gun apart now and am waiting for a trigger spring, slide spring, and a couple other pieces all wasted due to rust. The gun is about 3 years old and Kahr wouldn't do a thing about it other than sell me new parts.
    Do you think the n82 would keep this from happening again? Tell me what you think and thanks in advance for any help.

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    I just got one of these in today for my Beretta Nano. I was using a HighNoon Split Decision IWB, but wanted something that separated my gun from my skin so that I don't have to wear an undershirt all summer. It is BY FAR the MOST COMFORTABLE iwb holster I have ever worn! Unfortunately, I'm giving up some concealability for that unparalleled comfort. The butt of my Nano grip now prints a little. I never had that problem with my HighNoon. I think I'll stick with my HighNoon a little longer, and holster the Nano overnights in the N82Tactical under my mattress until the warmer weather comes. Maybe it just needs to mold to my gun to conceal better. I'll keep you posted...
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    Not my cup of tea. I like leather and roll my own. One of my OWB holsters

    My nephew wearing one with his M&P 9c

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    Since this thread has been jump-started, I'll reply.

    Looked at these at a show this weekend. Looks and feels cheap, not tuckable, and that knit sleeve looks like it would have serious retention problems. BUT I've seen tons of testimonials to their comfortableness, so that's something.
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    I feel compelled to enter my thoughts on this. IMO the N82 holsters primary design characteristic is COMFORT. I've worn one on and off for about two months now carrying my M&P9c. It IS the most comfortable IWB holster that I have ever tried. This coming from a diehard Croosbreed ST fan. The backer is soft and thick, which is were all the comfort comes from. For people who won't carry at all if they can't get "comfortable carry" this is a great holster. Because that's what it does best is comfort.

    IMO what it does not do well is more important to people, like a lot of us, that carry everyday, no matter the comfort level. Mine is the Pro model(hard lexan shell) so reholstering is way better than the stretchy fabric models. But still it's not a smooth quick draw. Two reasons: The retention takes some getting used to because you have to rotate clockwise slightly to unlock the trigger guard from the lexan. Also, the backer is so thick and soft, the gun kinda sets into it like a pillow. Offering some resistance to the draw. This "pillow" effect also makes reholstering harder. I can do it one handed, no problem. But I definatly take it slow and actually look at it to reholster.

    Firing grip: It's hard to get a fast firm firing grip on the gun. You definatly give up firing grip for comfort on this holster.

    Adjustable cant: The cant, at least on me, does not stay where I put it. Over a short period it will work itself into the cant position that best fits my side. Which apparently is almost straight drop for me. Sounds great for comfort, and honestly it is great for comfort. But when I want the 15 degree cant to stay 15 degrees(ex. when Im carrying with the 17 round mag) it won't.

    If comfort is your primary concern for a holster you should definatly give this one a try. If other factors are considered in your holster decision, I'd pass on this one.

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    I have the N82 Professional for my M&P9c and wouldn't trade it for any other holster! It's the most comfortable holster I've ever tried and I love how no part of the gun comes in contact with my skin!
    EDC: Beretta Nano

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