Are Sig 1911 Holsters different??

Are Sig 1911 Holsters different??

This is a discussion on Are Sig 1911 Holsters different?? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hi, Thinking of getting a Sig 1911 Nitron Carry (4.25"Barrel, no rail). Anyone know if it uses the same holsters as standard 1911 Commanders? Thanks...

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Thread: Are Sig 1911 Holsters different??

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    Are Sig 1911 Holsters different??


    Thinking of getting a Sig 1911 Nitron Carry (4.25"Barrel, no rail). Anyone know if it uses the same holsters as standard 1911 Commanders?

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    While there are slide contour differences (Sig wanted their 1911's to look like Sigs....go figure) I've been led to believe that they will fit a standard commander holster. This info was relative to an RCS model - which is a commander top-end and there are pictures on this forum from twin carry of his C3 (same as an RCS w/o the melt job) in a Sparks VMII. I've been waiting 9 mos. for my RCS - already have the holster (also a VMII). As a hedge, I had the holster made from horsehide, since it can't be boned as tightly as cowhide and, I am theorizing, will be more forgiving of non-Colt gun contours. HTH.


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    On our holsters the Sigs are a 1911 clone, except for the different slide contours, which will not make a difference on non molded holsters. An example would be Bare Asset or something like this which is wet molded to the gun you order for Public Secret w/clip Other wet molded holsters that are highly detailed like this Slide Guard , you will see the difference, but it will still work. Now the rail guns are a different story. Some makers rails are close and some are not.

    Best thing to do is ask the maker if they have a casting of your exact gun so you know what to expect.

    Take care

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    My personal experience with a 5 inch Sig 1911 has been that they will not fit a standard 1911 holster. Kinda like the Tauris 1911s there just a bit wider and there are differences in the trigger guard area. With a cheap (Uncle Mikes, Fobus, etc) it won't be an issue but with a good leather rig such as Alessi, Sparks, etc you'll need it to be made just for the Sig.

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    In my experience, torrejon is correct on on this one. I have a Sig 1911 Compact Stainless and also own four other standard form 1911's. In a "looser" fitting holster like the Desantis Mini-Slide, no problems with the Sig. In a tightly formed custom holster (mine are UBG holsters) the Sig will not fit properly. Sure, you could probably force it in there, let it sit that way for a few days and make it work eventually, but you'd ruin your holster for regular 1911's. If you get a Sig, take it with you when you select the holster and try it out. If it's a tightly formed holster, you'll be out of luck.

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    I have a Sig 1911 RCS as said above it is aprox. a commander. It works flawlessly in a carry-loc made for an officer, I just let it hang an inch out the bottom. I also have an MTAC and bought the standard commander 1911 molded body and it is touch and go. I would not suggest doing this as it sometimes binds and could pull the holster out with it. I still use it and I feel comfotable for myself because I seemed to have worked it out. I also had a custom built leather IWB similar to a Galco summer II. It was cheaper than any IWB currently commercially offered. It was less than $50.

    It is a great 1911 after a little break-in. Very accurate pistol. Make sure not to limp wrist it. It will have FTF. This is true with most semi-autos, esp .40 or .45.

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