Big guy with Glock 30

Big guy with Glock 30

This is a discussion on Big guy with Glock 30 within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hi newbie here(both site and to CCW). I just got my CWP and bought a glock 30. Im looking for a holster that doesnt cost ...

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Thread: Big guy with Glock 30

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    Big guy with Glock 30

    Hi newbie here(both site and to CCW). I just got my CWP and bought a glock 30. Im looking for a holster that doesnt cost an arm and a leg for carrying. Im thinking of a shoulder holster but i dont know if it will conceal well under a t shirt and i am also looking a iwb.

    I am a big guy and i usually wear 2 t shirts one tucked in, even in the winter i only wear t shirts. I do wear them long enough to cover my belt.

    Just wanting to know your thoughts on how to carry and where to find a good cheap holster. THANKS

    Ok so lets not let price be an issue. Is shoulder a bad idea. I do a lot of moving around at work. Reaching high objects and bending down and i am worried about an iwb might show. Shirt get caught on gun grip or something like that.
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    hey zombie, welcome to the forum. i'd go with IWB for a holster. shoulder units can be very hard to get to if they're under a shirt when you need to use them.

    do a search through holster makers here on the site (also, i'm sure lots more will chime in with recommendations.) you'll find a lot of diversity of styles, makes and purposes. good luck on your search!
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    One answer - Crossbreed Supertuck!

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    from Central Florida!

    Don't think 'cheap' in terms of get what you pay for.
    Want dependable, quick, and a fair price?

    Shop here...

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    You can spent a lot of money on cheap holsters.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stevew View Post
    You can spent a lot of money on cheap holsters.
    +1. A true example of you get what you pay for. I have the classic drawer full of cheap holsters that I've bought over the years which never seemed to work very well, or the threads popped, or the nylon stretched to where it would not hold the weapon firmly. But, you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on a custom, handmade leather holster either.
    Check out Comp-tac's C-Tac or M-tac, less than $100. I carry a G30 in a C-Tac, conceals very well under a long t-shirt.
    FIST makes some good, reasonably priced holsters also, I have one for my G19 and one for my Kahr P45, both fit and hold together well.

    And, don't forget about getting a good belt to go with your holster. I was surprised how much difference a good belt made in keeping my gun secure and out of sight.
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    My former G30 got along real well in a Don Hume J.I.T. Slide holster.

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    Hey Zombie I am new here too, I carry my G30 and G21 in the plastic Glock holster you can find for about 20 bucks or less. I also carry IWB and it can get a bit uncomfortable some times. It may take a while to get used to how you carry and where you carry it on your person. Try a tuckable holster. The crossbreeds look really nice, I have no experience with them. YET! lol

    BTW = I am 6'2" 320 and I don't dress extra special when I carry. Maybe an overshirt or I like the foot locker 4 for 20 Big man size T's

    Just my opinion hope it helps. Oh and don't forget to train with what you carry the way you carry it. Safety first.
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    Hi and welcome to the forum.
    Like others have pointed out, look for quality in your gun leather. I'm also a big guy and IWB works out well for me. Holster choice like weapon choice is a very individual matter. What works for others may not work for you. You may hit it lucky with tour first holster purchase or it may take a few purchases to find the right one.
    Best Wishes


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    Congratulations on your G30. It is absolutely the best (IMHO) pistol in the whole Glock series.

    At 6'3" and 260 lbs I put myself in the "big guy" category as well and can highly recommend the Comp-Tac CTAC

    The CTAC will adjust for cant and for up and down position on your gun belt. As a big guy I need this kind of flexibility to find the "sweet spot" and the CTAC surely gives me that kind of flexibility. Good luck
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    My Glock 30 live in a crossbreed supertuck and love it. i conceal with only a t-shirt all summer and have no problems. i highly recommend the supertuck

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    Welcome from Las Vegas, Nevada!

    I'll echo what others have said about holsters. Don't buy cheap, poorly made holsters. The average I've paid a holster is around $75.00 w/tax (or more). You get what you pay for in the end.

    I do have one cheap nylon holster that I don't wear at all. This is a generic holster that holds any handgun. I do store one of my handguns in that holster. It doesn't hold any handgun I own tightly against my body at all. This is a holster I bought years ago when I didn't know any better.

    Any holster you buy should hold your EDC close to your body. If it doesn't do this, don't buy or wear this type holster.
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    Lightbulb Big guy loves his Supertuck

    I was a little unsure when I ordered my CB Supertuck for my G30sf. Because of my size, I went thru a bunch of and not so cheap...trying to find one that was comfortable and concealed well. I came across the Crossbreed Supertuck, saw how many people loved it on various forums, and went ahead and took advantage of their 2 week try it out deal. Simply the most comfortable (for me) holster I've come across. Conceals awesome with a variety of clothing options and the price it right. I would highly recommend them to it's risk free. Wear it for 2weeks and If you don't like it...send it back.

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    At 5-9 and 300+, I think I qualify for a big guy. I have a Glock 30 that I carry in a Pro Carry LT from The Holster Store. It carries comfortably at 3:30/4:00 position. The one mistake I made is I should have ordered the forward cant, which is slightly more concealed and excessible. It has a metal clip that really holds well. I added the Slide Guard Body Shield. It helps keep the gun from rubbing against the skin. It's comes too long but trims easily with sharp scissors.

    For full-time carry the Pro carry HD may be a better choice. ($29.95)

    One thing to keep in mind: with holsters that the barrel protrudes through, the front sight can catch on drawing.

    Mine was @$30-35 with shipping and came right away.

    Take a peek at [].

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    After spending probably $500+ for you new Glock, don't make a big mistake and go Dollar Store on your holster. As many have said, the Supertuck is quite awesome for CCW. Here is the review I did for mine I use with my Glock 27 and I am extremely large.
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