How do you conceal in a Suit ?

How do you conceal in a Suit ?

This is a discussion on How do you conceal in a Suit ? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I was wondering how other people who wear a suit for work every day like to carry their concealed weapons. I have always carried IWB ...

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Thread: How do you conceal in a Suit ?

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    How do you conceal in a Suit ?

    I was wondering how other people who wear a suit for work every day like to carry their concealed weapons. I have always carried IWB but am thinking about going to a shoulder holster and was wondering if anyone could share the pros and cons of the method.

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    Depends on the suit cut, and your figure, as well as the weapon.
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    I had a lawyer once upon a time that wore owb in his suit and he was a pretty big guy. not fat mind u but stocky. he asked if i minded if he took his jacket off as it was hot. lol

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    Of the few times that I have worn a suit in FL, I have used one of two methods of carry...either IWB/SOB, or pocket carry.
    Both methods allow the jacket to flop open without a weapon being noticed. The pocket carry allows one to take the jacket off without anything being seen. On those pocket carry days, my EDC would be locked in the car, and a smaller firearm remains in my pocket.
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    Blade-tech IWB with a Browning Hi Power either SOB or 4-5 o' clock. Can't see a thing.

    Honestly a suit is one of the easiest (in my opinion) outfits to conceal a piece in. I've stuck N-frames in my belt and have been able to conceal them just fine though I would have hated to have packed it all day.
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    Welcome aboard Butch!

    Suit? I wouldn't be caught dead in a suit! No wait... that's probably when I might actually have one on!

    If I did have to wear one I'm thinkin' I'd use my SmartCarry though.

    Those I know who do wear a suit have had their jackets tailored so that they didn't print for both shoulder holsters and IWB holsters.
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    I am a fairly small guy (5'9 170) and I found it next to impossible to conceal in my old suits. However when it was time to buy a new suit I wore my gun in when it was time to get fitted. The tailor did something and the gun seriously vanishes but the suit still fits perfect. Seriously, it freaking amazing. I could carry a AR-15 and 4o'clock and probably get away with it.
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    Risque007 is right on - a suit is one of the best CC garments you can wear. The jacket covers the waist, the clothing is loose, and there are lots of pockets. So what's the problem? Actually, lots of problems, but what they all boil down to is that I've noticed that because many people don't wear suits much, they don't really have the "right" suit, holster, belt, etc to pull it off. I've carried with suits my whole adult life, and here's some hard-won tips:
    1. There are two kinds of suit cuts - traditional and tailored (which is tighter fitting). Wear traditional - it will give you more options, and the looser fit is less constrictive. The same goes for pleated vs unpleated pants - wear pleats. In my experience, unless you are an unusual shape or carry a very large gun, you will not need to have your traditional-cut suits tailored to avoid printing.
    2. The gun you like to carry drives almost everything else. Pocket guns for the front pants pocket work VERY well, especially if you wear suspenders (which are completely appropriate for good suits). However, the thin fabric of a good suit leads to printing, so this means a small gun and a good holster. If you carry at the waist (inside or outside), you'll need to get a good dress gun belt that narrows at the front so it doesn't look like a gunbelt. I use belts from Mitch Rosen, and it holds up well.
    3. The final option is a shoulder holster, and that isn't driven so much by the gun as it is by weather, how much you sit, and whether you need to take your jacket off. A shoulder holster is murder in hot climates, because it prevents air movement under your shirt. A shoulder holder is a dream to use while sitting (especially in a car), and I'd say that feature is its main appeal. (Other than that, I don't think it has anything to offer.) If you need to take your jacket off, you're no longer carrying a concealed weapon, so consider that.
    Good luck!

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    For deep concealment it's gotta be a SmartCarry or a tuckable IWB rig. Depending on CCW size, you could probably use a pocket holster or an ankle rig.
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    Depending on your weapon, you could also consider a good ankle holster.
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    I have noticed when I wear a sports coat I print, SuperTuck at 4 O'clock. I have a deep concealment rig for situations like this.

    I'm sure if I went to buy another suit or jacket I would fare better by having a Tailor take it out just a bit on the right side. I hear The Mens Warehouse is pretty good when working with CCW'ers.
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    I wear IWB 3:00 with the shirt tucked in-between the holster and my body

    I have my jackets tailored at Joseph A. Banks to allow some extra room and add material on my gun side that masks it a bit more and protects the liner from wearing out
    they do a good job and do this for LEOs all around here as well as non-LEOs, no problem
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    I wear dark suits with a Smartcarry, and it works well for me.

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    shoulder holster

    When I wear a suit or sport coat, I usually use a shoulder holster for my H&K .380. It is perfectly concealed, even with my jacket unbuttoned. With a heavier wool jacket and my H&K USP 9mm I sometimes use a Tucker IWB.
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    Pleated suit pants, in darker colors, and a Smartcarry.

    As others have said, a shoulder holster obligates you to keep your jacket on all the time, which is impractical to me.
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