Ankle Holster for S&W 637

Ankle Holster for S&W 637

This is a discussion on Ankle Holster for S&W 637 within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Anyone have any suggestions for a close fitting ankle holster for the S&W 637? Tryed a Fobus rig today and that was a total bust. ...

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Thread: Ankle Holster for S&W 637

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    Ankle Holster for S&W 637

    Anyone have any suggestions for a close fitting ankle holster for the S&W 637?

    Tryed a Fobus rig today and that was a total bust. Getting straight cut pants over it was a monumental task.

    The pants I wear are jeans and carrying at work is not only OK, it is encouraged. The problem is, I do mechanical work. Pocket carry is OK most of the time but there are days that I may be laying on my strong side for several hours working on machinery.

    My current setup, Uncle Mikes #4, is great when working in a office or doing vertical tasks. Laying down is, well, painful.

    Thoughts and ideas warmly welcomed.


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    Galco Ankle Glove with strap, around $80.
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    +1 on Alessi

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    IMO the Ankle Glove trumps the Alessi in comfort and fit. An Alessi is a great holster, but it's a lot of holster for a 15 ounce gun.
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    I've had both and the Alessi is the best though hard to come by. I use the Galco Ankle Glove and it is a very good holster that gets the job done!
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    The Alessi is the Cadillac...the Galco is a very close second, probably a Buick. Two best out there for the money.
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    I would recommend a Galco with the calf strap...The strap takes a lot of pressure off your ankle and lets you wear the holster a little looser on your ankle which really helps when you are wearing it many hours a day...
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    I don't mean to hijack the thread, but I need similar input.

    I wear pull on ropers 99% of the time and am looking to get an ankle holster that will properly fit my boots. Any suggestions?
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    I have 3 different ankle holsters. The Galco Ankle Glove, the Renegade and a Don Hume. The Don Hume is well made but not in the same class as the other two, its bulkier and not that comfortable. As for the Galco and Renegade, both are comfortable, the edge going to the Renegade which I think has a better elastic band and thicker artificial sheep skin for cushioning. The Galco leather is stiffer and formed to the shape of the gun making it easy to reholster. The Renegade uses a soft material like an artificial leather that is not formed to any specific model gun, I found several guns of similiar size will fit without a problem. The drawback of the Renegade is that its slightly more difficult to reholster because of the soft leather and I found it just a bit more difficult to get a good grip on the gun due to the way the holster is cut. The holster is cut higher and seems closer to the grip of the gun. On the plus side the Renegade wins for price, it was $51.95 before shipping. Despite the 2 drawbacks Id have to give the edge to Renegade because of comfort. Due to my job the ankle holster is the only way I can carry with total concealment. I carry everyday and only change between the 2 holsters when I change carry guns. I carried a 637, you wont even know its on your ankle.

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    Desantis Apache Ankle Rig. Very comfortable and form fitting. I've had mine for 2-3 years and it still is secure. $48.


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    I agree the ankle glove is the one I grab when ankle carry is a must. I carry a model 60 and a 649 in mine with no problems although I do want to order the strap.

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