Wallet Holsters Show

Wallet Holsters Show

This is a discussion on Wallet Holsters Show within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I bought a couple (returnable) pocket holsters today for my Colt Mustang. I intended to carry in my right rear pocket and bought LH versions ...

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Thread: Wallet Holsters Show

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    Wallet Holsters Show

    I bought a couple (returnable) pocket holsters today for my Colt Mustang. I intended to carry in my right rear pocket and bought LH versions so I could place the large flat piece toward the outside. I tried it in both Levis and dress pants. The setup looked OK until I looked in the mirror down at the top of the pocket.

    While the top of the gun was below the top of the pocket, it was clearly visible to anybody close behind me as in a store checkout situation. This looks like a disaster waiting to happen as somebody either screams or some punk just reaches in and takes it away from me. The front pocket wasn't deep enough to conceal the top from any angle.

    Does your gun show like this in your pocket/wallet holster?

    Have you tried one of the PDA style holsters or similar with belt loops and carried in plain sight? Bulldog Cases, GunMate and Mike's make them BulldogCases

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    I make wallet holsters but this is my favorite way to carry.

    Wallet holsters
    Micro holsters, Colt Goverment, Colt Mustang, Colt Pocketlite, Micro Eagle, Walther PPKS

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    I carry everyday... a Sig P238 (Mustang twin) in my wallet pocket. I switched my wallet over to the left.

    Yes, the little bit of length, plus the beaver tail makes it a bit of a challenge.

    So.. I got it worked out. Use a Uncle Mike's #1. And... doesn't quite totally conceal. So I got a blue handkerchief and roll a little flap over the top. So It looks like I got a hanky in my pocket. Also don't wear tight pants - go baggy. Grab the top of the pocket and jiggle it a little to get the whole setup to settle in better. This setup works very well. I carry with confidence. I can get to it pretty quick. I carry a spare mag in my left front pants pocket... I can grab it with my left hand while holding the sig in my strong hand. No crying need for a spare, but it carries well, so why not?

    I carry the Sig with a round in the chamber, hammer up and safety on. So this is really safe. I believe it is safer than a double action. I can pull the gun out while dropping the safety and dropping the trigger very quickly.

    I practice the draw and I go to the pistol range every couple weeks. At the range I start with the safety on and the hammer up. So I go through the motions of dropping the safety and the hammer and shooting. By practicing I can set the fire rate for the combination of desired accuracy and distance.

    I love this setup, but am thinking of making my own leather wallet holster with a top-over flap.

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