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Shoulder Holster Recommendations

This is a discussion on Shoulder Holster Recommendations within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; If you're carrying a large auto, the Bianchi X-15 is a holster you should consider. Comfortable, and conceals a full-size pistol more easily than a ...

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Thread: Shoulder Holster Recommendations

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    If you're carrying a large auto, the Bianchi X-15 is a holster you should consider. Comfortable, and conceals a full-size pistol more easily than a horizontal shoulder holster in my experience. Also very fast on the draw.

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    Galco VHS (vertical holster)

    Galco VHS (old style with wide leather over the shoulders). Carry my CZ 75B SA with two 16 round mags in the pouches in one designed for 5" 1911, all the time, where ever I go. I wear it close to the arm pits with no tie downs. Even sleep with it on at night.
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    Recently I became interested in shoulder holsters and found that those from the "first line" makers all carried 3 digit price tags which, for me, was way too much to spend to experiment on a system which may, or may not, pan out. I discovered the Triple K shoulder holster in Cabela's and bought one for my Dan Wesson CBOB which is an all steel 1911 in Commander size.

    I found the holster to be made of quality, soft leather which fit my CBOB quite well and, with some experimentation, adjusted to fit my carcass (6'3' 260 lbs.) quite well. Resulted in a comfortable and concealed system which I like. Cost $75.00 which I found to be within my "experimentation" budget. Like the system and wear it a lot these days. I recommend it highly.

    I recently purchased a CZ SP-01 which is a large, heavy 9 mm pistol. With a full mag of 19 rounds mine weighs in at 48.5 oz. which I think is quite heavy. I thought that a shoulder holster would both conceal the pistol and distribute the weapon and a number of posters to the CZ Forum recommended the High Noon Under Armor which, for $80.00, was in my comfort level of "experimentation"!

    The holster holds the pistol and two extra mags of ammo quite handily and comfortably. It is made of a synthetic material (not leather) but is soft and pliable and fits me quite well. Once again, I recommend it.

    So for just about the cost of one of the big name holster makers I got two shoulder holster which fill the bill admirably. FWIW
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    Quote Originally Posted by Smith10 View Post
    Galco Miami Classic.
    plus one. i use it and it works well.
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    Best deal I have found on Galco Miami Classic II: $118.36 / Free Shipping - Just need to check and make sure they have in-stock or you'll have to wait a couple weeks to get.

    Galco Miami Classic II Shoulder Holster is one of the finest Galco classic holsters on the market.

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    I think the original was Ted Blocker's Lifeline rig. I've owned one for my Taurus 92F since like late 80's. Lots of use and still have it! Bought one for my 1911's about 15 yrs ago and both still function beautifully.

    If I was going to get another shoulder rig, which I am considering for my Sig 229R, it's gotta be a Monarch rig from Andrews Custom Leather!!!

    Monarch Shoulder Holster
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