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How big is your holster box?

This is a discussion on How big is your holster box? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My holster box is 20" x 30" x 20". It's actually a wooden blanket chest. It has close to 60 holsters in it and all ...

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Thread: How big is your holster box?

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    My holster box is 20" x 30" x 20". It's actually a wooden blanket chest. It has close to 60 holsters in it and all are for guns I have in my safe. There are a few custom made duty holsters in there that have some sentimental value, so I'll never part with those and there's some tactical gear in there too...
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    10 for my G23, 2 for my P228, and 3 for my J-frame. I actually have been lucky and like all of my holsters for different reasons. They all have very distinct purposes. Some I use more than others, but still necessary in certain circumstances. I guess my box is about normal size, but not as unsuccessful.
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    Timeout y'all: I'm a dirty old man and I just had to start laughing when I saw the title of this post. Let me leave it at that.

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    Holster box? LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I have two drawers in my chest of drawers and a laundry basket full of stuff that either didnt work for me or that I dont have a weapon to fit anymore. One of these days I need to do another sale, lol.
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    My holster box is where I used to be able park my Harley Davidson. There was alot of trial, error and holsters that just didn't make the cut while I learned this holster business. Even now, one gets rejected now and again. Theres alot of chew toys for the neighborhood dogs in that box.

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    I've really cleaned up my holster act as of late. I now have only two that are not in use. A SERPA for my M&P and a Minimalist for my G27. Kept in my safe with other stuff.
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    Except for my main ones, mine are all in a big drawer. Lately I've been curtailing my holster buying madness though. I got out of hand there for a while.

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    I have a drawer in a small dresser in my 'lil walk-in closet that 'houses' my holsters. All of my holsters get used at one point or another........a few of my holsters have specific, speciality applications, but they all have a purpose.

    I only have two handguns that I carry and about 7 holsters for 'em. I'll be getting more after tax time.

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    Since I discovered Ebay and what people will pay, I have thinned down my holster box considerably.
    I have at least one holster for each gun I carry and for some I have several (Kydex for competition, IWB and OWB for different situations)but I don't have any that don't get used at least sometimes.

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    If I'm repeating myself, or repeating myself differently, it's probably 'cause of the brain cells I've murdered and the selective memory caused by concussions, contusions and confusions. Oh yeah, and that one night in Dallas.

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    One gun - two holsters. A pocket holster and a SmartCarry. Use the SmartCarry 99% of the time the other 1%. No holsters I don't use - therefore no holster box.

    I research a lot before I buy, and really think a lot about how and how much I may use something before I put out the bucks.

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    I once spent about 100 dollars on Passport holsters. I got one shoulder rig for a 4 inch revolver with twin speedloader pouches, one IWB/OWB snubby holster, and an ankle rig.

    I walked off the store thinking that they were suspiciously cheap, and my suspicions turned out to be correct... They now sit in a drawer.

    I also have a pretty well crafted leather strongside OWB for a full size pistol, which I very rarely wear because it´s actually not very concealable.

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    Well Pax, my holster box is actually a duffel bag and it's full!
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    i got a foot locker full, but i been this this for mango seasons.
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