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How big is your holster box?

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Thread: How big is your holster box?

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    Large enough to fit a Serpa and a VMII, and that's it. :D
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    Seems to be getting bigger every day. Damn that CCW permit!

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    i took an ad out this year and dumped the unused units...actually got some good money for them....

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    holy smokes Rob99VMI04 , you could open your own shop!!!

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    That's an interesting question. Not many here, just a Blade-Tech for a SigSauer P229, an O'Rourke Leather for a S&W J Frame and a couple DeSantis Nemesis pocket holsters. It's amazing the number of unused holsters guys keep around.
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    I have 9 holsters, each has its specific gun and carry that I use it for, only two are not used regularly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JCAz View Post
    Holsters can be just as addicting as guns.
    Speaking from experience . . . even more so.
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    About half a barn door's full...

    I honestly don't know.

    I have holsters for guns I used to own, for guns I own and for guns I might get. Among other things, I collect holsters. I make holsters.

    The 'evolution' of the holster is as interesting as the evolution of the defensive sidearm. I've managed to find some interesting examples of older cop holsters, such as a genuine 'clam shell' holster and a "Jaypee" safety holster with the retention device inside the trigger guard.

    Besides who knows when a strange gun or friend will turn up in need of a holster?

    Even for the actual carrying holsters, circumstances require different holsters. Camping in the woods does not require concealment - and every has a 'Sunday go to meetin'' holster, right?
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    I have a canvas "shoe hanger" that fits over the back of my study door. In it I have about 10 holsters and assorted magazine carriers that fit my carry pistols. Some of the holsters fit more than one weapon, i.e. some do double duty with my P220s and P226 for example. I can honestly say that I don't have any holsters that just sit, or rather hang around, without being used.
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    I collect old police holsters I could probley outfit a small police force with all the old stuff I have

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    I have alot. Looking for more 1911 style holsters... pm if you want to make some room in your holster boxes.

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    Too darn many!
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    Holsters can be just as addicting as guns.
    Truer words were never spoken. I've quickly discovered the addiction of holsters but thanks to magazines, online forums and this forum in particular, I've kept away from some of the poor holster choices others have made. This includes the generic Desantis holsters that adorn the shelves and displays of many guns stores. Has anyone experienced gun stores that stock and good range of leather or kydex holsters that are made for a specific make and model

    I've dedicated a dresser drawer to my holsters, most of which are leather, consisting of several reputable makers: Ross, HBE, Horseshoe, Galco, Crossbreed, Bianchi, etc. The comfort level of my Bianchi ankle holster has much to be desired so perhaps that can be my "bad purchase" holster until I replace it with a Renegade or Galco Glove. My family will growing over the next few months to include another Galco S3H "component", possibly a Galco SkyOps, a second Ross pancake and a Smartcarry. I was negligent to never take the time to properly research Smartcarry holsters, an error I recently corrected.
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    I just ordered a Tucker rig. Belt, HF1 holster, mag/surefire pouch. I doubt it'll be seeing a drawer.
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    My holster box is a foot locker. However, in the past few years thanks to EBAY the contents have diminished.

    Still have more than a couple though.
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