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Got a Don Hume 721OT for my G26....concerned?!?!

This is a discussion on Got a Don Hume 721OT for my G26....concerned?!?! within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by gdkenoyer I have an open-top Don Hume for my PPS - it's always been seated, no issues. I am currently working through ...

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Thread: Got a Don Hume 721OT for my G26....concerned?!?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gdkenoyer View Post
    I have an open-top Don Hume for my PPS - it's always been seated, no issues.
    I am currently working through a PPS, range work and such before I carry and I was thinking of getting the same holster as my G26 so maybe I should. It would be a bot easier to have 2 guns using the same holsters.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ram Rod View Post
    Leather is somewhat kinder and gentler than kydex either IWB or OWB. I like the leather as well since it conforms better to your body which in turn retains the pistol in a different way than kydex. I have an Ahern pancake three slot holster that's not very thick and no more than a skin over the pistol if I'm not wearing them. I've even used this lightweight holster for ISPC. One of my favorites for OWB with the large frame Glocks. You'll also do better matching your belt to the holster slots. IMO...if you're carrying with a holster with 1 1/2" slots on a 1 1/4" or 1 3/8" belt then it may rock and seem to be less than a perfect fit. You may also look at better belts and stay away from the cheaper 'pleather' belts (plastic leather) found in department stores as they tend to stretch and feel less secure. Might tighten up to the next notch on your belt also even if uncomfortable initially. I also think it's pretty common to fidget with any new holster that properly fits the pistol. Thing is, the fidgeting process can be done outside of public view until you and your carry methods have become fully integrated. Get used to the appendage and keep your mind off it. Just feel it should only be natural. A lot of holsters that may seem like retention is lacking must be reinforced on the leading edge and keep their form so the pistol sights will not drag on the draw. This design may also portray a less than rock solid retention, but one that shouldn't cause much concern in your mind as the top of the slide is not being retained, but the slab side of your pistol.'re carrying a sub-compact pistol which in some instances leaves a lack of balance or completeness in one's mind because it simply rides higher on the belt line and lacks the feel of the longer slide in the same or similar holsters. If you get the chance, I highly recommend the Mitch Rosen Upper Limit Express holster for your Glock sub-compact. I'll almost guarantee you won't ever fidget with this one. It's my best of the best OWB holsters for the G26/27. I'm just saying...nothing wrong with your trials on the Don Hume, but with the Mitch Rosen Upper Limit Express and under $100, you'll never feel better off. Since you like leather best, I consider the 'upper limit' holster as top of the line and for way less $.
    I just looked at the Mitch Rosen Upper Limit Express on line.... It looks like there is no forward cant.... just a straight drop, right??. I'm looking for a OWB holster for my G27...... (and possibly one for my G23) What would I have to pay for this holster? Many thanks...

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    I have a Don Hume 721 OT for my Kahr CW9 Been wearing it for 1.5 yrs. now I still check now and then but it never changes, and stays put. I carry it 18/7 i even nap out in the bed with it on occasion. Was thinking of adding a 3/16 bunge cord as a optional retainer that could be used or not. I have made small 1/8 mile running sprints with no problem. I think its a great holster. Think i'll get the same for my NEW PT709.

    Get a good belt too makes a big difference Got mine from a police/USPS supply house


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    Try this:
    82 *CarryLok™
    The gun wont come out until you want it. out. Leather holster. Works every time.

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    I have the same 721 OT for my Taurus 24/7.

    Gun stays put no problems. Pic from before the gunbelt

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    When a quality holster is 'boned' for a particular weapon, retention will be extremely reliable. If you don't believe this, place your empty weapon (check for 'empty' three times) in the holster (off your body) and discover how much shaking is needed to release the weapon onto a bed or pillow. It should take quite a bit of shaking.
    A few years ago I had a Beretta 9000S in a 'boned' IWB holster. I missed a bleacher step at a rodeo (another story of enjoyment for my wife) and tumbled down about three rows. Except for my pride, I was not injured. My sidearm remained covered and in its holster.
    You can't beat a quality holster for retention.
    That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rogerdodger View Post
    Try this:
    82 *CarryLok™
    The gun wont come out until you want it. out. Leather holster. Works every time.
    I feel the same way about this holster that I do about the Blackhawk Serpa. They exhibit great retention. Maybe too good in case you miss the lock during a draw when you really need your gun. A properly boned and fit holster needs no thumb break, snaps or gadgets.

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