Does anyone use a Kydex holster for daily carry?

This is a discussion on Does anyone use a Kydex holster for daily carry? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I used kydex for competition shooting with the normal barrel wear, but never for daily concealed carry. Anyone use the "plastic" holster everyday? If so, ...

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Thread: Does anyone use a Kydex holster for daily carry?

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    Question Does anyone use a Kydex holster for daily carry?

    I used kydex for competition shooting with the normal barrel wear, but never for daily concealed carry. Anyone use the "plastic" holster everyday? If so, would you recommend it, or does it create too many wear marks? Any other pros or cons?
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    I know the cons about kydex, but if you "conceal" many of those notions are mute. The Kydex does hold my weapon close to my body and conceals well. A very good gun belt helps with that as well. As for wear marks, my conceal gun gets drawn way less than my competition gun and I have no issues with that. The kydex does draw very nicely and for daily wear gives me confidence that if I need to draw the weapon it will allow it without undue drag (some of my leather holsters, especially IWB can be difficult to draw from) Re holstering is a breeze and the retention is very good if not better than my leather. I like the kydex and am very pleased with Blade Tech and Galco versions.

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    I carried a Kahr MK9 with Black-T finish in a Blade-Tech S.O.B. holster for about 12 years. I never had any issues with wear. The finish looks as good as new. I recently bought a PM9 and carry in a Crossbreed MiniTuck (leather/kydex), but I haven't had it for more than two months. I'll let you know in a few years how that holds up. :)

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    I have cared with Kydex since day one with a full sized 1911 works well for me.

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    Yep. I carry my PM9 in an MTAC and sometimes carry my G27 in the MTAC or a CTAC. Every day.

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    Homemade IWB tuckable: sure, I have some wear, but it's a 'do the job' weapon, not a barbeque gun.
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    My most carried holster is a Comp-Tac paddle. It does wear the finish on contact points but I don't believe it wears it any faster than my leather holster. If anything, I think the leather wears more surface area off. Either way, if you carry something often, it will wear.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue Jacket View Post
    I used kydex for competition shooting with the normal barrel wear, but never for daily concealed carry. Anyone use the "plastic" holster everyday? If so, would you recommend it, or does it create too many wear marks? Any other pros or cons?
    I use my DeSantis Scorpion an awful lot with my Glocks. Daily carry for the better part of two years. Either the Glocks take wear well, or the holster has little or no effect on them to this day. Others kydex holsters or pistols may give different results.

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    I use two kydex holsters for EDC. They are the Blade-Tech 2 O'Clock carry with a Ruger Sp-101 (pic)

    and a Blade Tech paddle holster with a CZ Sp-01 (sorry no pic).

    Neither shows appreciable wear and certainly no more than my leather holsters. I keep all my holsters clean because I believe that the chief culprit for holster wear is dirt accumulating in a holster. Kydex holsters are great because I can just put them in the dishwasher and clean them with ease.
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    Last time I counted I had six holsters for my Kahr P40. My kydex and my Sideguard are my two favorites. This kydex has served me well and it's what I wore today.

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    I've used Blade-tech holsters for 10-12 years now for cc and duty and have never had a problem with them damaging a gun when kept clean. I particularly like that the belt channel can be made rounded to fit the hip and that this does not change the way a belt fits. Most leather holsters make the belt snake though the slots and changes the way it fits your waist and if pulled tight can/will change the retention of the gun in the holster. Also, if you get that kydex dirty just put it in the sink and wash it. Not so with leather.
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    Blade-tech IWB for my 1911's
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    I carry either my PM9 in a FIST K5 or a G33 in a FIST K4A daily. I love the ultra thin kydex and don't carry leather much often at all anymore. For my Seecamp, I'll breakout one of my Del Fatti PH-3s but otherwise kydex is winning me over more and more.

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    Ramrod. I have a Scorpion but I wear it only with my Tactial 511's as it seems a bit large for dress slacks. It is very solid and comfortable in the web belt but not a leather belt.
    I've gone back to a Bianchi 120 for daily wear, am i doing something wrong?

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    I have used kydex pocket holsters and like the 'thinness', have found that extended wear of IWB kydex to be less comfortable than leather...not impossible, just less comfortable.OMO
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