New IWB Holster Review

New IWB Holster Review

This is a discussion on New IWB Holster Review within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; While looking around at different IWB holster threads, I ran across this one with the post by SiGlockBoy (John) and some pictures of a holster ...

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Thread: New IWB Holster Review

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    New IWB Holster Review

    While looking around at different IWB holster threads, I ran across this one with the post by SiGlockBoy (John) and some pictures of a holster that he made.

    slimmest beltclip-style IWB? - Glock Talk

    I was interested in his holster and sent him a PM asking if he would make a holster for me since I am always looking at the different carry options.

    I have a Crossbreed SuperTuck and RM Low Ride holster. When I wear the Low Ride, I suffer from “draggin drawers” but, I don’t have this problem with the SuperTuck. I think it’s because the footprint is much larger on the SuperTuck. I currently have a gun belt by Crossbreed and a Beltman on order. Wearing this holster with the gun belt or a sturdy 1.5” mechanics leather belt, feels great and I don't have the draggin drawers problem.

    I talked with John about what I was looking for and his holster sounded perfect. He also had a pocket mag pouch that I was interested in, but I wanted one with a belt clip. He agreed to make both the holster and mag pouch (with belt clip) for me. Turnaround time was fast, approx. 2 weeks including the holidays and major snow storms.

    The holster and mag pouch are made of quality leather and the stitching is solid with no discrepancies. The clips are metal and very strong and will no doubt last for a long time. The holster was custom fit for my Glock 26 and it fits perfectly. The holster was a little stiff initially, which is to be expected. I've worn it for a couple of weeks and it has molded more to my gun and fits nicely.

    John can make the holster with a 0, 5 or 10 degree forward cant. I like my holster with a 10 degree cant since I feel it tucks the grip against my body better for easier concealment.

    There is no internal stiffener like kydex or other material near the mouth so the holster does collapse partially when you draw. I don't have a problem with this and wanted to mention that because it is important to some people. I was able to perform a one handed re-holster that was slightly difficult, but I was successful and I’m sure with more practice it will become easier.

    I am 6’ and weigh 229 and unfortunately, I have a spare tire and love handles. As you can see, the holster and mag pouch conceal nicely wearing only a t-shirt.

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    Nice! Is he able to make anymore? I carry a G27, and that looks perfect for me.
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    I have had a problem with the type of belt clip that is on the holster.
    Seems they only come in size 1.75" or at least a lot of holster shops only use the 1.75 size. It appears that the one in your picture is larger then your belt.
    I have found( for me) this situation allows the holster to flop forward or backward to increase or decrease the cant, which affects obtaining the proper draw grip. I have checked this out with a couple of top producers and they informed me that the 1.75 is the only one they use. I did not ask for an explanation, but it did sound strange to me.

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