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Questions XD40

This is a discussion on Questions XD40 within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Is it safe to carry with a round chambered on an XD40? Does anyone know if IWB's are allowed in GA?...

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Thread: Questions XD40

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    Questions XD40

    Is it safe to carry with a round chambered on an XD40? Does anyone know if IWB's are allowed in GA?

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    To address the is it safe issue. Barring a mechanical malfunction the gun itself is safe with a round in the chamber. A round in the chamber ready to go is the recommended way to carry any firearm for personal protection. Think about how long it may take you to draw versus the time it would take a potential aggressor to cover 21 feet. The difference, if you practice, is less than a quarter of a second. If you also have to chamber a round you have lost that quarter of a second. Are there people who practice enough that they may not lose the quarter of a second? I'm sure there are, but most people lose.

    On the holster. I am not aware that any state regulates the type of holster or carry method. You are typically free to select the method that suits you the best.

    The question really becomes, are you competent and comfortable enough with your firearm to safely carry IWB with a round in the chamber?

    I would recommend that you contact a local gun store and find a concealed carry class to attend in your area. You may well know how to shoot, but most of these classes will offer invaluble information on laws in your area and the process for concealed carry applications. Even though I am a firearms instructor and have been shooting a long time, I always attend a class in my area before getting my permit. I say that because I tend to move fairly often. I have found the classes to provide good information even though by law I am not required to attend them due to my previous certifications.

    Welcome to the forum.


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    Quote Originally Posted by jabo2818
    Is it safe to carry with a round chambered on an XD40?
    Yes it is safe.

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    Not only safe but essential

    Just as safe in there as in my SIG - or for that matter someone who knows what they are doing with C$L 1911.

    The delay induced thru having to charge an empty chamber could be difference between survival - and not.
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    I carry my XD40 in condition 1, or with one in the chamber. It took me a week or so to get used to it, but there are enough safety devices to keep things cool.
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    Thanks everybody for the replies. I have a CCW, but carry OWB. I would like to find something that is not as conspicuous, just to avoid questions and stares.

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    Welcome to the Forum jabo. We have a few other members here from GA who may be able to offer some advice on where to look for legal statutes, also has info for each state.

    As for good holsters, you're in luck as we have the very best craftsmen in the industry right here on this Forum:
    I'm sure I'm forgetting someone out there, I'm sorry guys.

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    I carry my XD9 IWB with one in the tube. If I need it to go bang, then I need it to go bang right now. Not a few seconds from now. It is completely safe to carry in this condition as long as you follow the rules of gun safety. My XD is NOT going to fire a round unless I specifically pull that trigger.
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