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Holster Opinions

This is a discussion on Holster Opinions within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hey Y'all: I enjoy reading the comments about holsters, particularly when I was looking for one. At this point in time, I still read the ...

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Thread: Holster Opinions

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    Holster Opinions

    Hey Y'all: I enjoy reading the comments about holsters, particularly when I was looking for one. At this point in time, I still read the comments just because. It has gotten to the point, however, that every thread that poses a "what should I buy" or a "what do you think of so and so" is answered by a litany of pros and cons on literally 100's of holsters. For the most part the answers are total recommendations of the holster that the replier has gotten, when, in fact, he may be unaware of a better holster at a better price. The shame is that you end up buying from the internet or a brochure and the eventual acceptance is 100% personal and therein lies the problem. Its a great forum subject and I hope that posters do their DUE DILIGENCE that includes more than a belief in a reply to a post; just about all the holsters are made within an acceptable tolerance and price variations are a good way to compare, particularly if you can at least see a picture of a holster that provides some degree of appreciation of the workmanship. Certainly a hands-on use would be the most efficient way but even then you cannot possibly try over 100 different mfgr designs. If anything, they should look at return policies (which I realize are difficult since a mfgr is making specific model holsters one at a time); if a holster is not to their liking ,even after great posts, it would be great if they could return it or have additional work done on redesign with minimal cost. Just sayin.

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    Good question and thoughts. Most custom holster makers have a very good return policy. Most everyone has it listed on their site.

    Mine is 30 day no questions asked return policy. If there is a problem from 0 to 6 months they can contact me and we can talk about options.

    If a customers wants to swap clips for leather loops with snaps, I have them ship it back and cover shipping and a small fee to do the swap.

    Anyone shopping around should look for that information or question the holster maker/supplier.

    "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking" - George S. Patton.

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    By checking how the Mfr stacks up with customer service is something you should definitely look at; but the deciding factor for buying a holster is the type and material.

    Many times CCW newcomers get discouraged because they cheap out on the holster. They end up buying a pistol smaller then they really want cause the larger one doesn't ride well in cheap nylon universal type holsters.

    Really all you are going to get is opinions as there are so many holsters out there. I do like Stoner holsters cause they are real leather, good quality, and a very good price. However they don't have the IWB option I like to have which is the double off-set clip retention.

    There are several holster makers here on the site that would be able to help out more then I.

    Decide the style you want then the material. After you have something in mind it makes holster choice much easier.

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    I have only had my carry permit for a year, but here are some of the things I have found about carrying and holsters in that time.

    Before I carried concealed I was not that concerned about the kind of holster I used. I had several nylon and a few homemade leather belt holsters I used for open carry when I was out in the woods and so long as they retained the guns securely I didn’t think about them much.
    When I was thinking about carrying concealed I was sure my current guns were way too big to carry. I had a Ruger P95, and a Smith & Wesson model 14 with a six inch barrel. I did some research on line and ended up buying a Kel-Tec P-11. It was the smallest full power gun I could afford.

    I started carrying it using the belt clip that Kel-Tec makes for their pistols but found that it shifted around too much, and not having the trigger covered made me check on the pistol too much when carrying it. I bought a Galco U.S.A. IWB holster but found the j hook just not secure enough. I then tried a High noon bare asset. This one worked very well but you could not reholster with one hand.
    I decided to make a leather reinforced mouth IWB holster a made a copy of the AKJ Concealco model. This one worked great and after using it a while, made one for my P95. I found that using a good holster, it really wasn’t so hard to carry a full size gun. After shooting the P-11 vs. the P95 I realized that I just didn’t shoot the small gun well enough and was not a fan of the DA/SA mode of fire for the bigger gun for carry. I found a really good deal on a Glock 19 and after trying it out, made it my everyday carry gun.

    I started with the AKJ Concealco holster design I had used for the other two pistols, but after reading about different styles here decided to try some of them out. I could not afford to buy them so I tried making them. I have made hybrid IWB, pancake OWB, belt clip OWB, and shoulder holsters .

    Here are my observations after a first year of trying guns and holsters.
    1. It is a good idea to try a lot of different holsters and guns to find one that fits you best.
    2. You can usually carry a bigger gun than you think
    3. One holster will probably not work in all situations, you may need several

    Currently during the work week I use an IWB hybrid. I do not carry in the office so I can remove the gun but leave the holster on when I come in and out of the building. When not at work I use a leather OWB pancake holster that carries in the same position and cant.
    If I do a long (more than a couple hours) drive I use the shoulder holster.

    There is a lot of great information on this forum and I have learned a lot, but nothing beats good old trial and error and hands on experience.

    But of course, just when I think I have it figured out, I am thinking of getting a 1911 .45 with this year’s bonus, so everything may change!

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    I post many posts on holsters. I have the knowledge of what makes a good quality holster for a certain price. You will always have people posting their favorite product, most likely because its what they spent their hard earned money on and feel the need for others to share. But other reasons are like sports teams. People like different sports and teams. Its (most of the time) just a good argument on which is better. Kinda like Ford vs. Chevy vs. Dodge. People like their tuck probably because its the same manufacture they have used forever and it works fine for what they do. Same goes for holsters. Sure, you can spend a small amount and get something that will most likely do the job, this is like buying a Geo Metro. It will get you where you need to go, a good "starter" car for the 16 year old, cheap. It has its uses and but its not perfect. Then you have a better made mass produced (or in some cases custom) holster makers. These are like the common Ford F-150 or Ford Taurus or something. They have a bit of class and work quite well for the owner. Some are even luxury models and have useful gizmos and gadgets, but in the end, it still just a Ford, Chevy, or a holster for around $100. Now, the holster makers that take GREAT pride in what they do and they know their craft very well and make OUTSTANDING holsters are the total custom makers. These guys make one holster at a time just for that one individual with that one gun. These holsters are the cream of the crop. They are like the Ferrari or Lamborghini. Very high end, everybody wants one, totally custom, etc. The only difference is price, people cant usually afford a Ferrari or Lamborghini, but they can afford a custom holster.

    This is why I recommend my recommendations. Dont spend your money on junk, spend a LITTLE more and get something that is YOURS and will preform better than anything else. People who buy the cheap crap and are comfortable with it and dont feel the need to upgrade do not know what they are missing. But, its their money and firearm. For me, I choose the BEST of the BEST on the market. And I will continue to tell people what holsters are crap and which are worthy of your dollar.
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    I wish holster manufacturers pictures were gun specfic. If I am shopping for a holster for a full size 1911, I want to see the holster with a 1911 in it, not a J frame.
    Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around laws. Plato

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stevew View Post
    I wish holster manufacturers pictures were gun specfic. If I am shopping for a holster for a full size 1911, I want to see the holster with a 1911 in it, not a J frame.
    There is a couple hundred pictures on my site. I am pretty sure more than any other custom holster maker or manufacture.

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