Smartcarry or Super tuck holster

This is a discussion on Smartcarry or Super tuck holster within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I just bought a kimber ultra raptor 2 the other day and i was wondering what holster would be best for concealed carry....

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Thread: Smartcarry or Super tuck holster

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    Smartcarry or Super tuck holster

    I just bought a kimber ultra raptor 2 the other day and i was wondering what holster would be best for concealed carry.

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    Welcome to the forum. I have both, and I use both. Obviously there are several considerations, such as personal comfort, confidence, clothing, etc. You will receive many recommendations from others, but in the end you will probably have to try both to see what is best for you.
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    I have both a Supertuck and a Smartcarry. I have owned them both for a relatively long time and have carried them both extensively. They are both outstanding ways to carry a gun concealed. However, based on my purely personal experience, the Smartcarry is far and away the most flexible and comfortable way to carry a concealed handgun. I can carry it under (literally) any kind of clothing. From a pair of light shorts, through a set of gym shorts, to a regular pair of trousers. Can't do that with a Supertuck per se.

    For me, the Smartcarry is the easiest, most comfortable, and most frlexible carry mode around.
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    agreed entirely with GTO and dairy. I have both, wear both. Which do I wear more often? The smartcarry. Super flexible, no wardrobe change. I wore a suit to church today, then came home and put on some gym shorts. Of course, I'm carrying a full size 9mm, yours will conceal much easier. They are both very worthwhile options.
    (start with the smartcarry though.... you may end up wearing it more than your shoes.... I know I do.)
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    So many people rave about that smartcarry and I just look at it and cant imagine how that thing can be comfortable! lol
    I believe you guys....I just cant imagine how my weapon ridin piggyback on my junk is gunna be comfy. I guess I should try it? lol
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    The above posters have made good points and I'll add a couple.

    For me, the Smartcarry gets used almost all the time in the summer when I'm wearing very light clothing that won't lend itself to supporting a holster/belt combo. T-shirt, elastic waistband shorts and flip flops mean Smartcarry, and a (relatively) easily made draw due to no belt. The Smartcarry gets used 80% of the time in the summer.

    In winter, colder weather means jeans, leather belt and heavier shirts, sweatshirts, etc. The same leather belt that would somewhat impede the draw from a Smartcarry now fully supports the Supertuck and a spare magazine on the opposite hip. I can get to the weapon more quickly and reliably with this type of clothing so the Supertuck gets 80% of the carry time in winter.

    So, for me, I have both and use either depending on dress.

    Hope this helps.

    Shanester: A properly positioned Smarcarry won't cause your weapon to impinge on your, um, weapon, or it's bullets. I had the same concern, I'm sure at least half the folks considering Smartcarry do, but it's not a problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alienbogey View Post
    Shanester: A properly positioned Smarcarry won't cause your weapon to impinge on your, um, weapon, or it's bullets. I had the same concern, I'm sure at least half the folks considering Smartcarry do, but it's not a problem.
    I'm not picking upon you, specifically, but why are people so afraid to use the perfectly acceptable, in public, word genitalia?
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    You should definitely get both, that way you are covered no matter what. They are both excellent holsters.

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    As others discuss, they're very different, and it really depends on your situation. I carry a SmartCarry sometimes, and I find it good for more crowded places, or when clothing doesn't allow other options. I personally find it to get a little warm and personally couldn't envision using it exclusively in the summer as many do.

    I have some SuperTucks and similar holsters, but find they require more clothing adjustments to be made to use, although if you already dress in a way that will cover it well, you're...well...covered.

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    I also have both and while I don't have any comfort issue with SmartCarry, it is usually relegated for deep cover or when I am not wearing a belt (sweat pants, sweat shorts, etc.). 80% of the time I wear a belt holster - in summer, a SuperTuck or MTAC IWB or in winter, a G&G pancake OWB. Ranking these for both comfort and accessibility, the OWB is on top, followed by the IWB and then SmartCarry. Reverse that order for concealability. Where these requirements intersect for any given situation determines what I wear.
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    I have a Supertuck, it is great but uncomfortable when driving any distance. I have been reading about the Smartcarry on here for a while, this thread made me "bite the bullet" so to speak and I ordered one yesterday. I will provide my 2 cents when it gets here. I gotta stop reading this forum, my wife is convinced it is the cause of the growing holster collection!

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    If you dress casual, and are not worried about being "made" by hugs and such, then IWB is good.

    If you need to be more professional in attire, or need deeper concealment, then the Smartcarry is probably better.
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    I have read a lot on here and other forums about the Smartcarry...I have to say if you like them and they fit your requirements god bless you, but I have a problem with a loaded gun that close and pointed at my family jewels. I may totally wrong and have never worn one, but it does concern me.
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    Hey there!

    My vote, Smart Carry!

    Most inportantly, believe it or not, we've got a local dealer for them. And he sells them at a discount actually. Hes over in Flower Mound which isnt too far from Mansfield.

    Shoot me an email at if you want info on how to reach him.

    The Supertuck looks to be a gorgeous holster but the concept of wearing a cover garment when we have 60 days of heat, over 100 with 98% humidity? And the cushmax on the back protects your gun from sweat, even if you work outdoors.

    I could go on for days in a row about how much I like mine. I like being able to carry the same way, every day. And no one has ever noticed it.

    BTW, contrary to popular belief, the holster does not point your weapon at your bits. Its in front of and below them. Most anyone whos used one can attest to that.

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    I have both and find that I use both alot, but since I do wear a belt most of the time, I find myself using the Crossbreed most of the time. I did wear my SmartCarry for the entire first summer I had it. I noticed that it started wearing out along the bottom edge of the holster and the denim started to fray. I cut a strip of material from an old black tshirt and sewed it onto the bottom where the original trim wore out. Charlie at SmartCarry said you can put duct tape along that area if that happens, but I liked my fix better. I carry a J frame revolver in my SmartCarry and a Glock 30 in my Crossbreed. I don't think I would like carrying anything much bigger than a Glock 26 in the SmartCarry. JMO.

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