So I bought a new holster, like many out there I have quite a few in the drawer, still trying to find the "Perfect" holster. Didn't know to much about Black hawk but I got a good deal on the bay ($40) and it arrived today.

So on it goes with my Glock 22 and I am surprised at how well it fits, very comfortable at 5 o'clock, pulls the gun close to the body, rides high so no problem getting to my back pocket, angle sits perfect for easy access and quick draw, and comfort while driving is the same as my other holsters.

It's new so the draw is tight but I've been working it and it is getting better, cover with a t-shirt and you cant tell it's there unless you bend forward or the shirt rides up when I lift my arms.

I'm not much on giving kudos, but I am happy with this purchase and suggest giving it a look if your shopping. They are available at Cabellas and other outdoor stores for around $60, but if you find a deal on-line then I recommend you add this one to your collection.