I decided to try out Blackhawk's QD or Quick Disconnect accessory for their Serpa holsters. I must say it does add some bulk to a Serpa rig even using the paddle so this wouldn't be the most ideal for CC unless you wear a heavy coat. This will probably be used for open carry but it will allow me to remove the holstered gun without un buckling my belt and I can just place the holstered pistol in my vehicle if I absolutely have to enter a "gun free zone." It comes with two "female" ends and one "male" end so you can mount the one of the two female ends on a Serpa paddle, MOLLE adapter, or just bolt it onto the door of your vehicle and keep the other one mounted on the frame of your bed and you can use the same holster and gun.

I can also simply remove the holstered gun to put next to me in my vehicle and when I get out all I have to do is lock it back on my belt! It's a convenient thing to have if you are a Serpa fan like me but not the best for concealed carry.

BLACKHAWK! SERPA Quick Disconnect Kit (2 Female/1 Male) - BLACKHAWK!