Good ankle holster?

Good ankle holster?

This is a discussion on Good ankle holster? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hi buddies :D I'm looking into getting a G26 next month to celebrate my 21st birthday (we all know what that means). I want to ...

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Thread: Good ankle holster?

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    Good ankle holster?

    Hi buddies :D

    I'm looking into getting a G26 next month to celebrate my 21st birthday (we all know what that means). I want to get a good ankle holster for it, but the one I wanted (Galco Ankle Glove) looks like its on backorder. any other suggestions?
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    Lou Alessi........or........ Josh Bulman.........But you will think back order is quick!

    No site for Alessi but here is Bulman's site.

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    I have worn ankle holsters off and on for 32 years and have found Lou Alessi's to be the best. it is not cheap and you won't get it quick, but you will get top quality.

    But here's something you might want to consider: the G26 has a lot of bulk and the holster is going to add even more to your ankle. You might want to try strapping the pistol to your ankle with something like an elastic bandage and walking around a bit with it on so you can get an idea of what it's going to feel like.
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    +1 Alessi - I don't even bother making ankle holsters; just refer folks to him. I carried an all stainless Detonics Combatmaster in one for years when I first started LE with no problems or complaints.
    Lou is quoting 20-24 weeks as his current back-log, but if you check with distributors Lightning Arms Sports ( or R&F Hunting ( they may have them in stock.
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    Love my Alessi ankle rig which houses my Glock 27 for the past three years.

    I have to admit those Bullman ankle rigs look really good also. Might have to check them out beings I need one for my S&W 342pd.

    Any ways you can not go wrong with an Alessi.
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    Alessi or Bulman - there really is no other, IMHO.

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    I use a Galco Glove for my G27 and really like it. I also have heard nothing but great things about Alessi's.

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    galco is the best

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    Well - my occasional use of ankle with R9 is with a humble Pro-tech - does the job.

    I do tho hear all the time that Lou Allessi is right up there and many folks also like Galco. These seem the two big contenders.
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    I just ordered the new Fobus ankle Holster for my Glock 27. Ill let you know how it is. I should get it this week.
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    AS much as I'd like to get an Alessi, as rarely as I use mine for the 642 I couldn't justify the price. I bought ExSoldier's Desantis ankle holster and it works just fine. It's a neoprene design with good padding and a wrap around, velcro closer.

    Highly recommend Lightning Arms if you want the Alessi model.

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    The only ankle rig I have is a Bianchi Triad for my Walther P99c, extremely comfortable, well padded and secure. The price was right also.

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