Help with carry ideas

Help with carry ideas

This is a discussion on Help with carry ideas within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have read a lot of different posts on here, but I am still searching. I am trying to find an IWB that I can ...

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Thread: Help with carry ideas

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    Help with carry ideas

    I have read a lot of different posts on here, but I am still searching. I am trying to find an IWB that I can carry my Kimber CDP Ultra Carry II comfortably. I am 6'0" and weigh 225 lbs. I have a little bit of a spare tire that I have to deal with, but not too bad. I bought a Kholster and it felt good wearing it at 4 o'clock, but after 2 days my lower back and side were killing me. (I have lower back problems) I have tried to carry in front, but that just doesn't work for me. I'm starting to think I might have to go with an OWB, but then I would need to buy all longer tailed shirts. I typically wear t-shirts most all year long. I don't want to give up on the IWB, but I need some ideas. So what do you guys think???? Or if not IWB, what is an OWB that rides high and tight?
    Thanks in advance for any and all ideas.

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    I have tried for sometime to find an IWB that I really love. I'm 6'6" and now 300+lbs. I purchased a MTAC holster for my P229R and for the first month or so, I thought this is nice, but after awhile it just started bothering me something fierce!! Tried to come back to it after a couple of weeks and it just does not work for me.

    I just ordered a Phantom holster from Raven Concealment and have heard nothting but great review after great review. I decided to give it a whirl, figuring if it doesn't work IWB for me, these are a double duty holster and can be worn as a very concealable OWB holster that rides very close to the body.

    Keep in mind, some of us just can't make IWB work like others. You and I just maybe 2 of those that it does not suit.

    Good luck!!
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    With a short-barrelled pistol like the UC or Officer's Model, you want to be careful about having an IWB holster ride too high. Recognize that a significant part of the gun's retention is from the belt over the slide and barrel; if you have an "ultra high ride" holster, the CG of the gun is likely to be well above the belt level. This increases the likelihood of the gun flopping around when you really want it to be nice and secure. This is a "nuance" area of holster design, and not all the holster makers out there "get it."

    If you can borrow a classic "Summer Special" IWB from a friend, I would do so to see if that design works for you. My guess is that it will. If it does, you can bypass the lengthy Milt Sparks wait by getting one from Brownell's - it's a stocking item with them.

    The other thing that bears repeating is that a substantial belt is a vital part of your carry rig. Trust me - there is *nothing* on the rack at Wal-Mart or Macy's that will compare with a serious gun belt for supporting your holstered weapon. Look into offerings from the Belt Man, and also the 5.11 belts frequently offered as part of a deal with pants from LA Police Gear. You want at least 1-1/2" width, and depending on construction, probably double thickness. Your back will thank you.
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    The Tucker Silent Thunder works great for me. I carry at 3:00 and hardly notice it. It's adjustable for retention, hieght, cant and is leather lined kydex. It's a great holster for my Ultra Crimson.

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    Check out Pure Kustom. These holsters can be worn both IWB and OWB and are fully adjustable IWB. The most comfortable holster I have ever put on my hip both IWB and OWB. Along with beautiful art work (if thats your thing), these holsters are unmatched, I do think that these holsters are your answer.

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