Convertible pictures by Rollotamasi - Photobucket

I have been looking forward to doing this review ever since I got my holster. I held off for a bit because I wanted to wear it for awhile before giving my opinion. So, lets jump right into it. Pictured is a convertible holster from CCholsters. This is my first holster from this maker so really didnít know what to expect. Well, I am plenty happy and more then got my moneys worth. I am going to talk about the IWB and OWB functionally of the holster in separate parts because they really do differ quite a bit.

Overall - The quality of the holster is fantastic. Leather is nice and rigid. Stitching is high quality. Straps are high quality and hardware is high quality. Switching the straps from OWB to IWB takes about 30 seconds and only requires a Philips head screw driver. Lead time was outstanding. Carl had to order a mold for my gun and still got me my holster in under three weeks. That great for custom leather. The holster is extremely easy on easy off for both IWB and OWB. Because both sets of straps use snaps there is no need to remove your belt to put the holster on or remove it.

OWB Ė I am a hard person to please and a critic by nature and I can say in all honesty this is the best OWB holster I have owned. Iím not sure why but the holster makes the gun ride very snug against the wearers body providing SUPERB concealment. And when I say superb concealment I am talking about concealing a double stack .45 OWB with just a t-shirt for cover and not sweating getting made. Combine the fantastic concealment with the convenience of easy on easy off and thatís why I say itís the best OWB holster I have owned.

IWB Ė Here is where it will get a little controversial. First off let me say this. I HATE carrying a gun IWB. Really. I hate it. The closest thing to comfort for IWB I have ever found is the super tuck. The CCholsters is the most comfortable STRAP based IWB holster I have used but itís a little more complicated then that.

The thing that I hate about other strap based IWB holsters is that when I wear the gun at 3:30-4:00 the bottom of the holster is always poking me in the bullocks. I find this EXTREMELY annoying and uncomfortable. The convertible however does not have this issue BUT you never get something for nothing. The reason it doesnít poke me in the bullocks is because it rides higher then other IWB holsters. For me, its great for comfort but you give up a certain measure of concealment because more of the gun and the holster is riding above your waist band.

So basically what I am saying is that the IWB is comfortable but I wouldnít recommend this holster for primary IWB carry IF 100 percent deep concealment is of the utmost concern to you. If you donít mind a little less concealment itís a great choice. For me though because the thing conceals so well OWB I highly doubt I will wear it IWB.

In closing. Carl makes a high quality custom leather holster at a fantastic price (65.00 for the holster +10.00 for a extra set of straps) and a great turn around time. Plus, he is a nice guy which when it comes to choosing who I do business with (and recommend) goes a long way.