I want to sell holsters in my CWL class.. suggestions on what kind or brand....

I want to sell holsters in my CWL class.. suggestions on what kind or brand....

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Thread: I want to sell holsters in my CWL class.. suggestions on what kind or brand....

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    I want to sell holsters in my CWL class.. suggestions on what kind or brand....

    Needs suggestions on what to carry? Or offer?
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    If you're NRA Certified you can get a discount from Optics Planet...5% I think on any of their holsters.
    I'd look @ Galco and Blackhawk.
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    What do you carry?
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    Check out www.taguagunleather.com they have some reasonably good stuff and the price is right. I saw where they are offering a 15% discount right now.

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    I advise my students to go with a Pure Kustom. This is what I carry, they see it, most like it. This is a quote taken from my latest review that explains kinda why I recommend a custom leather holster to first time students.
    I made the right decision to get a Pure Kustom holster. I tell noobs all the time, who are looking for something “cheap” to start out with, get the best, get a Pure Kustom. The reason for this is simple, noobs who usually start carrying will have a huge box of holsters within the first few months. They are looking for something that functions well, conceals, and is comfortable. If its not comfortable, they wont wear it. Getting a Pure Kustom first they will not only have a comfortable holster, they get two holsters in one making it easier and cheaper for them. They have something that is “custom” and maybe even (with some tooling) custom to them. But most importantly, they have a holster that will last them a VERY long time.
    Some students take my advise, most dont. But I really dont care what they are carrying their firearm in so long as it works for them. They tell me that they cant afford something like that at that time. Thats probably the most common excuse I hear. Or they simply like or already have a good working holster.

    I dont push holsters on my students. They see mine, they see how much better it is to their mass produced plastic thing. Thats really all I do, I suggest a brand, thats it.

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    Is it a good idea to mix up an informational event (CWL class) with commercial enterprisw? Seems like a conflict, but that's just me.

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    A best friend teaches a concealed carry class. I often help, and show holsters and methods of carry.
    Frankly, most do not seem interested in holsters, and only one that I know bought a Sparks Exc like I was wearing. So we give a list of good makers, and show some good holsters.

    If we were trying to sell holsters we would probably take a loss. I would not want to be involved with cheap holsters, and I have not seen much interest in top drawer holsters or belts.

    There are too many types, and methods of carry plus guns. I doubt it would be profitable. But give it a try if you want to.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ccroom View Post
    Needs suggestions on what to carry? Or offer?

    Simply offer advice on some of the things to look for in a holster (rides tight, conceals well, retention etc) and, at most, supply them with a list of makers (maybe print out the Mega list found on this site) and let them decide for themselves what will work for them...

    Yes, I realize that this may cause the dred "box o holsters" that some would like to avoid, but CCW is a learning/growing experiance for most people and if you suggest one particular maker (or worse sell them) and it doesn't work for that individual, it will reflect poorly on you and your class.

    Just as it is with guns, no matter how good, not all holsters work for all people.
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