Galco or Desantis? Other?

Galco or Desantis? Other?

This is a discussion on Galco or Desantis? Other? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hello people, I am new here and just got my CC permit. I have two weapons that I need holsters for (well maybe three) and ...

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Thread: Galco or Desantis? Other?

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    Galco or Desantis? Other?

    Hello people, I am new here and just got my CC permit. I have two weapons that I need holsters for (well maybe three) and am in the process of narrowing down my choices. There are no retailers nearby so I am doing my shopping on line.

    For my SP101 2"bbl I am looking at a Desantis "thumb break scabbard" and a Galco "Fletch." These two holsters look almost identical but the Galco is about 40% more expensive. A third option I am considering is the Galco "concealable belt" which is even more expensive than the fletch. Does anyone have experience with these brands or models? Is the Galco better quality than Desantis? I don't mind paying a bit extra for quality.

    For my SR9 I'm looking at the Galco Cop 3 slot, the Galco "classic lite shoulder" or one of the Desanti scabbards (there are half a dozen to choose from).

    Finally, and I'm not sure how often I would carry it concealed, I have a Smith and Wesson M&P 45. Sometimes I like the idea of carrying a little extra stopping power and it's nice to have the .45 tucked away. I am looking at the Desantis "thumb break scabbard" for this weapon also.

    Any thoughts on quality, style, fit, or just your personal choice would be greatly appreciated!


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    There are so many holster mfgrs out there, you should do a bit more due diligence. Lists of mfgrs are available on this site in addition to posts. As you indicate, prices vary--in many cases quality does not so there is no reason to pay more than is necessary. Choice of a holster is also very personal. Unless you have really tried one, you do not know if it is what you find comfortable; it is nice to be able to deal via internet with a mfgr who will allow returns--otherwise dealing with a shop probably limits choices but at least you can try them on. Cannot stress enough need for thorough investigation--plenty of posters talk about their "box of holsters".

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    Take a look here.......just to expand your choices and make it a little harder.

    Are you looking exclusivly at leather? There's a whole host of leather-crafters who can fill your needs.

    With just what you've listed, I'd choose Desantis. Reguardless, you WILL end up with a 'drawer' full of holsters within a year or two.

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    I would choose Don Hume for a production holster over Galco or Desantis. Good quality and at a value price.....hard to beat in a production holster.

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    Also if you don't plan on open carrying, you don't really need the thumb break.

    I'd take a look at the MTAC for your SR9. Its IWB and they're $80. But then you can buy a shell for your M&P 45 for around $38 and swap it out if you wanna carry the .45.

    Don't have a suggestion for the SP101
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    Galco is decent, desantis not so much. Kramer, Milt Sparks & Alessi are far better choices. .............. and thumb break holster from anyone suck.
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    I'd stay away from thum breaks. A good quality, well-boned holster will hold the gun tightly...even if you trip and fall down a set of bleachers at a rodeo (I know someone who did just that...).

    I'd be less than forthcoming if I didn't shart this quality holster maker who has provided me with over 3 dozen holsters...
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    Wow... thanks for all the awesome input! This is extremely helpful! It seems that many do not care for the "thumb break" design. Being a newbie, this is very helpful to know. I can see now where a thumb break would be a pain in the butt or worse, maybe even a life threatening obstacle in a crisis.

    The "Fist" holsters are awesome! I think I will order at least one from them. I kinda got the feeling that I would end up with a "drawer full of holsters." Nice to know I am not alone.. :)

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    Thumb breaks are a grab deterrent for LEO work, and perhaps to an extent, open carry. If you want the extra security, that's fine, but as Ret said, it's not strictly needed with a good holster.

    Many good holster makers are on this forum and in that list. If you have questions for them, ask.

    Bruce Gibson, Pure Custom, and Rhome Desbians are but a few of the quality folks on DC who make great holsters.
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    Galco vs Desantis?
    I have a Galco OWB holster for my S&W Model 36 snubbie, it's OK, although I would like it better if it rode lower. Overall I can't say I have any complaint with the quality, just the fit on my body shape.
    I also have a Desantis Speed Scabbard for my 1911. I love that holster, the ride is perfect, retention is fine, without the need for a thumb break.
    Overall both are equal in quality, but neither are as good as my Sourdough Pancake. I originally bought it for my S&W 686+, and had it made to ride as low as possible to fit my short torso. The fact that my S&W Model 65 and my S+W Model 29 both fit in it makes it even better. The price was right, the time was less than 2 weeks and it fits me better than any other I've ever tried.
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