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Crossbreed vs Kholster

This is a discussion on Crossbreed vs Kholster within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; First there was Tucker GunLeather "The Answer" which was copied by, Crossbreed's "Supertuck" which was copied by, Kholster In my opinion the original Tucker is ...

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Thread: Crossbreed vs Kholster

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    First there was Tucker GunLeather "The Answer"

    which was copied by, Crossbreed's "Supertuck"

    which was copied by, Kholster

    In my opinion the original Tucker is the best, and if you have to settle for a copy then get the cheaper one which is Kholster.

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    I drove an "answer" a friend wanted to sell. I don't think it road any better than my ST. They'll all do a great job so decide what works best for you, your wallet, etc., and be happy.
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    I went with a CrossBreed for my 5904 and will never look back. It carrys a full size gun very nice.

    All hail Crossbreed!!!

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    I have both Crossbreed and Kholster. I carry a sig p239/9mm with my crossbreed and it is pretty comfortable. I sometimes wear it all day and at times even forget that I have it on. I then decided to get a Kholster as the price was very attractive. I began wearing my Kholster with a Glock 23 and was extremely impressed. The Kholster is VERY VERY comporable to the crossbreed. IMO...I would go for the Kholster just for the shear thought that I can save anywere from 25-35 dollars. Trust me, both are comfortable and both do the exact same thing. Yes, Crossbreed has more options and is a more attractive holster but hell, Kholster might not be pretty, but it sure as hell feels comfortable. i would rather spend the extra money on an extra magazine. Its all one ones opinion i guess. in the end, I suggest you buy both to see for yourself. I will probably end up buying another Crossbreed...but I will definitely end up buying a kholster as well.
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    What kind of gun do you have? I never had any luck tucking my shirt in. The XD9sc caused a huge lump that was just pathetic. I guess it all depends on what gun you have, if you wear baggy clothes, how much you are prepared to blouse your shirt out etc..... Either holster would have caused the same lump problems. The ST is a comfortable holster, I just couldn't pull off the tucking part.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VinceC View Post
    It will take about 10 days for delivery from time of order.
    More like a month is typical.

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    +1 for Crossbreed. Mark has always been great to me.

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    I went with the Crossbreed for my Glock 22. I will also be buying one for my Sig 229.
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    I have a Kholster and LOVE IT!!!
    I went to dude's house and had it made for my gun on the spot. Great Deal for a great product.
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    Another very satisfied Crossbreed customer in spite of the crosses.

    I started carrying full time in '75 and the G19 in a Supertuck is as comfortable as I have ever been...
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    I do own a Kholster, but the SuperTuck does seem to be better made (Particularly the leather & from what others have told me). However, my biggest issue & reason why I didn't get the ST was because the kydex doesn't cover the entire barrel/slide. I've had IWB holsters that didn't & in the long run, I stopped using it.

    I probably would've spent the extra $ for the ST, but the Kholster does allow one to tailor the holster to your personal needs, both in cant AND how much leather one wants between you & the gun.

    Having said that, if I'm going to utilize the tuckable method, I'd rather carry appendix style instead of 3:30-4:30 or so. I feel any of those types of holsters (Answer, Comp-Tac's version, Kholster, or ST) are just too bulky/big for appendix carry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VinceC View Post
    You may want to hold off on the combat cut until after you get it and have tried it awhile. You can always send it back for the extra material to be trimmed away. Combat cut makes for a faster draw but the gun grip will be in direct contact with your skin and can rub. With the full cut you have that buffer there and the draw is only slightly, very slightly different.

    Good luck. It will take about 10 days for delivery from time of order.
    +1 on not getting combat cut. I don't have it, and have no trouble getting a full grip on my pistol, even with these big meaty hands of mine. I don't see how a combat cut holster would improve my draw speed either, but that's just me.

    It took nearly a month for delivery of my Supertuck.

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