Vertical Stabilization

Vertical Stabilization

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Thread: Vertical Stabilization

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    Vertical Stabilization

    We live in a world of vertical surfaces including walls and vehicles. It is likely that we will be within a few feet of one during many situations. Knowing how to use them can increase not only your stability, but provide you with excellent combative options.

    There is no shortage of material written about ground fighting, however chances are that you may be more likely to not only have to fight off the wall but knowing how to do so may keep you off the ground.

    The first issue we will cover is tool placement. Our doctrine is that all tools for dealing with people problems, things like guns and knives, are to be carried between your pocket seams to the front. If needed, support gear can be carried between the pocket seams to the rear. The most popular position to carry a handgun is from right on the seam at the 3 o'clock position to well behind the hip to around the 4-4:30 position. To draw from these positions requires the elbow to move backward. If your shoulders are flat on the ground or up against a wall, this is impossible. Whether on the ground or against a wall, you will need to rock to a position that gets the "flat" of your back off the wall.

    The less distance there is between you and the wall, the less the impact will be. The worst case scenario is that there is enough room for you to fall all the way backwards and the first thing to make contact with the hard surface is your head.

    Especially helpful for those who have things like knee and back injuries is the idea of using the wall to stabilize yourself before or during an attack. As a general rule, you would want your reaction / weak side hip to be in contact with the vertical surface. This creates a very strong anatomical position that makes it all but impossible to have your back and head smashed into the surface, and more difficult to take you to the ground. But as seen in this picture putting either hip to brace yourself allows you to fight off the wall instead of being knocked out against it.

    In contrast, by using the Panic Push (pictured) you can take advantage of your attackers lack of understanding when it comes to vertical surfaces. For the Panic Push to be effective, you must be within arms distance. The idea is to use the heels of both of your palms to pop/strike your attacker up and under his pecs. You don't want to move him straight back, but rather up and back at a 45 degree angle.

    This accomplishes several things-

    * Causes the head to snap back. initiating an involuntary closing of the eyes.
    * The attacker rocks back on his heels, temporarily removing his ability to move forward.
    * Induces his natural reaction to catch himself by trying to regain balance by putting his arms out to the side, thus away from the weapons band.
    * Any weapon in the hand will be silhouetted against the background.

    If the attacker makes contact with a hard vertical surface, the initial point of contact will be with his shoulder, and then his head. This can very easily lead to knock outs and concussions even when done in a very controlled manner. When practicing, do so into another person as pictured.

    Coupling the Panic Push with your own Vertical Stabilization can allow you the time and distance you need to access your own weapon or leave the area.

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    Thanks mercop, thought I was back in the Academy there for a minute. Good Information!!!

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