High Threat Contractor PSD/EP Course (2 Day)
Dates: May 29,-30, 2010 from (7am sharp-until dark) Sat-Sun

Note New start Time! 7 am. We have a lot to cover (drinking from a fire hose!)

Cost: $500.00 + ammo

If you are interested you will need to call and put down a deposit (540) 322-3000 to hold your spot.

This course will focus on High Threat PSD tactics not shooting fundamentals this will be assumed. Safety will of course be stressed. And violations of the safety rules in this class will not be tolerated.

Handgun 1 or similar training from a reputable school or instructor
Carbine 1 or similar training from a reputable school or instructor


Protection Principals
Advances, Advances, Advances, Advances
360 ‘of Security
Concentric rings of Security
Team Member responsibilities Foot Formations/ Motor Cades
Briefing the Principal

Foot Formations
K Diamond
The Box
The Wedge
1 man (AIC only)
2 man (Adv & AIC)
3 man (Adv & AIC & SL)

Motorcade Operations
Fast Ball
Route Planning
Strong Side Drop
Weak Side Drop

Protective Operations
(AOP) Assault on Principal Drills (Live Fire)
Break Contact
Bail Out Drills
Cross Loading

U.S Dept of State Diplomatic Security WPPS Firearms Qualification course of Fire

Handgun from 25 yards to 3 yards on Izzy target from concealment
Handgun from 25 yards to 3 yards on Izzy target with drop leg holster
Carbine from 100 yards to 15 yards on Izzy target

Review of (Kit) placement and proper fit and use as well as discussions on the proper med supplies for your “Blow Out” kit. Discussions on load out as well as practical demonstrations on each topic.

Suggested Gear

M4/Carbine-AK-47 with sling
Handgun with holster / drop leg preferred
500 rounds of Carbine/AK ammo
150 rounds of Handgun ammo
Clear and tinted eye pro
Electronic Ear Pro
3 Handgun Mags
4 Carbine/AK Mags
Mag Pouches for Handgun and Carbine/AK-47
Baseball style hat
Knee and elbow pads
Weapons Cleaning Kit, Tools, Lube
Camelback Hydration system and food for 2 days we will eat on the range.
Helmet (optional)
Plates and Plate Carrier (optional)

This course will be taught by seasoned Protection Specialist with recent real world operational experience and PSD contractors with down range experience.

Course AAR'S:

High Threat Contractor AAR - Maryland Shooters

High Threat Contractor Course Debrief & AAR's - Maryland Shooters

For more information or to register this course is contact: Tom Perroni
(540) 322-3000 or ccjatraining@gmail.com Commonwealth Criminal Justice Academy