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How Many Rounds a Year Should a We Shoot?

This is a discussion on How Many Rounds a Year Should a We Shoot? within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Lots of good ideas have been given already. Using the .22 for basic skills practise, and dry firing are what I do a on a ...

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Thread: How Many Rounds a Year Should a We Shoot?

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    Lots of good ideas have been given already. Using the .22 for basic skills practise, and dry firing are what I do a on a regular basis. I end every range sesson with 1 or 2 clips thru my edc. The best thing you can do is save some of the ammo money and find a trainer and take multiply classes. Take what you learn to the range, and make a training plan based on your last class and set goals to accomplish at the end of your range time. Your practise needs to be focused when you are sending money down range and spending time away from the family.

    Be safe.

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    I find that my practice regimen is reduced now-a-days.

    However, I have a dry fire routine that I do 2x each week, and try to get to the range 2x each month. I have different drills that I do, between 50-100 rounds each time.

    I used to run a defensive pistol league that ran weekly for 8 weeks then took a month off. The league ran 4x each year. We practiced different gun handling drills during the league. Averaged 15-20 shooters each week, it was good practice. I had to end it due to “conflicts” with the range management.
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    AS a Range master several times a month, at our local range, I find that there are usually two types of people I observe shooting.

    Those that plunk down a box of 100 of their caliber of choice and blast away at the target. Most of it rapid fire. Their targets look like someone with a shotgun shot it instead of a handgun.

    The other type is those that bring a box of 50 rds of their choice of caliber and fire each round like their lives depend on it. They fire single rds, double taps and even a triple tap . 90% or more of their rounds are in the COM.

    I normally fire about 5000-7000 rds a year. Some of it in IDPA type matches,
    some of it at doing load development Etc. but I never just fire a bunch of rounds just to make noise or to elimate my ammo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by McPatrickClan View Post
    That's what I am thinking. Do you think that loading mags with one round and just shooting, reloading, etc. is a good practice? What about building marksmanship? Is that obtained by more dry-firing and shooting snap caps than actual lead downrange?
    There is an application for both live fire and dry fire. For combat/defensive shooting you should usually do about 80 percent of your training dry. Most defensive situations do not require strict application of the marksmanship fundamentals so the gunhandling is really more important.

    I'd recommend finding a good instructor who can teach you properly right off of the bat so that you don't waste time, ammo and money developing a lot of bad habits and muscle memory that you'll have to unlearn if you want to become an effective shooter.

    You're in the DFW area so a cost effective option for you to get some true world class instruction is Len Baxley at TDSA, which is just south of Dallas. He's a fantastic instructor who really knows the mechanics of shooting and is a former LE Officer and former top level competition shooter.

    Either way, find some good instruction from somebody and then think ratios of about 80 percent dry fire and 20 percent live fire in training. Train your gunhandling in dry training and focus on marksmanship, follow-through, trigger reset and recoil management in the live training.

    Good luck!

    D.S. SMT Director of Training

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    I'm an old dude with 20-year history in USPSA/IPSC/IDPA and other practical shooting disciplines as well as my military service. I've shot hundreds of thousands of rounds - most in serious training or matches. I know my gun.

    In recent years I've been re-trained myself - thinking - focusing more to self-defense oriented - real life -- approach and attended several courses by he 'gurus.'

    My training is still 90 to 95 % dry-firing. I average ~5000 handgun rounds yearly at the range doing well-thought-out drills. I try not to waste ammo.

    Will I ever be the "warrior" to win the day should the manure hit the fan? I do not know. I do know that I'm proficient with the firearms I own and have used them in self-defense a couple of times.

    This approach has worked for my wife too. She dedicates a lot of time for dry-firing and that shows at the range.

    I'd think that after your become somewhat proficient with your firearm, 100 to 200 rounds a week keeps you afloat with dry-firing at home.

    Good luck to all.

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    About 6-7 Thousand, Thats including 22s of course ; )
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    Quote Originally Posted by McPatrickClan View Post
    How Many Rounds a Year Should a We Shoot?
    Everyone is different, as is everyone's ability to pick up and retain skills and what skills/knowledge have deficiencies.

    Shooting competency is only one aspect of dealing with a firearm in the plan, and that's only one aspect of dealing with criminal/deadly situations. There is quite a lot that can (and should) be trained for outside the shooting range, and quite a bit of that can involve the gun.

    Over the past two years, I've probably averaged ~1500 rds each year fired in my pair of carry guns (~2500-3000rds total for my carry guns). But beyond that, I've done a few score of evenings' worth of dry-fire exercises (every few days), drawing/reholstering exercises with a training gun, drawing from concealment clothing, magazine swaps/reloads, jam clearing, and so on. I suspect that's not enough coverage to be eliminating some of the slower areas or minor incompetencies I need to get rid of.

    If I were to guess ... whatever time that took, I've probably spent five times that amount of time running through scenarios, reviewing my home's defenses or practicing the emergency plans, actively working on my "radar" (awareness, people-watching skills) when in the field, etc.
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