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This is a discussion on 21 foot rule within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Indeed, there is no 21 foot rule, it is a DRILL, to prove a point. Do it once, then move on, and there is no ...

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    Indeed, there is no 21 foot rule, it is a DRILL, to prove a point. Do it once, then move on, and there is no need to for every trainee in a class to do it. One is enough, while everyone else watches. It is important to NOT ingrain this drill into anyone's repertoire of techniques! Anyone who is training to stand still, draw, and fire on an advancing adversary is training himself to die.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WC145 View Post
    This is why the Tueller drill is a training TOOL not a RULE. Lots of agencies are stretching the distance to 30 feet and more because of the added time to draw from security holsters.
    If you get within fifteen yards of me with a knife in hand, I want my gun in hand and sights superimposed on your chest or pelvic region, depending upon the distance and situation.

    To me the Tueller Drill is about how fast a man or woman with a knife can close the distance, and how long it takes one to react to a threat.


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    Quote Originally Posted by wmhawth View Post
    Err, SIGguy, I think you have *carp* mixed up with *crap*. One's a bony fish, the other is , well,

    Thus...the carp...
    Magazine <> clip - know the difference

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    I'm no expert--far from it. I CC a 380 and believe in strong situational awareness and point shoot. Obviously someone can be walking toward me and look perfectly sane but has bad intentions but I would think that my basic situational awareness and intelligence will "tell" me when that little 380 should be in the palm of my hand and not in my pocket. I chose the 380 because it is easy pocket, light, small and does fit in my palm without any obvious "overt printing". The original video, IMO, is ridiculous to be looking at--thank goodness this guy is behind his fenced-in backyard--he looks like a leaping idiot even if he is trying to make a point with his sword and knife. Based on what I saw in the video, as mentioned in previous replies, would have been met by me with several (or at least one) center mass 380s and certainly an avoidance motion by me to "get out of this idiot's way" as he rambled toward me like a maniac. Just me sayin.

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    Any charge too close and i'm not gonna waste time drawing i'm gonna have to try and disarm that knife hand to hand :/
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cruel Hand Luke View Post
    More food for thought...Get an airsoft gun, paintball masks and a training knife. Then see what the dynamics are REALLY like and just how close you can beat the knife guy by getting off line QUICKLY.

    In our FOF classes we run "Tueller Drills" as close as 3 yards and the good guy wins more times than not....if he worries more about moving than he does about drawing. That is to say that if you stand still long enough to draw you'll get stabbed. If you get moving and THEN draw you'll have better results.

    Once you have experienced this a few times you'll become far more acclimated to it and suddenly you'll be able to focus on more thanjust getting your gun out. Once you have gotten acclimated to it you will be able to stop using all your mental capacity on panic and actually hit people where you want to hit them. Yes...even in the head.

    Don't take my word for it. test it yourself.

    Agreed. Move, THEN draw. If you draw first, you better hope the BG coming your way is fat and clumsy. In a controlled environment (airsoft, mask, plastic knife etc...) you will EXPECT BG to come at you. In the "real world" I dont care who you are, your first brain activity when someone charges is "wow, this guy is charging me!"....cant help that thought, albeit a split second thought. Move before, or as, you draw.

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