Train Train Train...with a PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCED INSTRUCTOR and/or REPUTABLE SCHOOL. Ask for recommendations on here and I'm sure you will receive some excellent recommendations. In addition, both you and she need to read some of the better books on MINDSET and SELF DEFENSE with a handgun. Books such as In the Gravest Extreme by Massad Ayoob; Principles of Personal Defense by Jeff Cooper; Surgical Speed Shooting by Andy Stanford; Lessons from Armed America by Mark Walters and Kathy Jackson ...There are many others, but these are just a couple to begin to develop the MINDSET for Concealed Carry and Personal Defense

Guantes post has some very down to earth and practical advice and I quote: While training in general, competitive shooting and other things can help, one of the best examples was IIRC by South Narc. Get on the line with a holstered weapon prepared to react on a given signal to draw and fire at a target. Then have 1-3 people behind you yelling at you, MFing you, threatening you, making vile comments about your wife, etc. Then on the signal, draw and fire and hit the target. WHile only a drill it is amazing how effective it is....JMO