JACKPOT!! Two days in a row...

JACKPOT!! Two days in a row...

This is a discussion on JACKPOT!! Two days in a row... within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I feel like I hit the JACKPOT two days in a row. Friday, I had to take my girls (Cookie the Boston Terrier and Sassy ...

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Thread: JACKPOT!! Two days in a row...

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    JACKPOT!! Two days in a row...

    I feel like I hit the JACKPOT two days in a row. Friday, I had to take my girls (Cookie the Boston Terrier and Sassy and Kailua the Chihuahuas) to their new Vet. I had been there a couple of weeks prior, met the Vet, was shown around the facilities, and got a generally good feeling about switching from my current Animal Hospital to this new Doctor. So, made an appointment for Friday morning and me and the girls loaded into the truck and off we go. From the time I parked in front of the office, there was a tech that came out to my truck (she saw I had a truck full of girls) and offered assistance. Greatly appreciated cause there's nuttin like three girls goin in different directions. Shortly thereafter, into a roomy exam room with all three. Half door, two chairs, exam table, etc. The Vet and 3 techs came in. Everybody making friends with the girls and me. I sit down, one of the techs takes the leads off the girls so they can explore and the Vet sits down and strikes up a conversation. While we are talkin, the techs proceed to get shots ready, and prepare to take blood samples for heartworms. Vet and I began talkin. He was "gimped" up and limping (he looks to be about 40), so I asked what happened. We began a conversation on doing things at 40 and older that we used to do at 30 and younger and not handling the consequences so good. Anyway, I asked if I could ask him a question. He said sure. I asked, "what is your view on the 2nd Amendment and the right to carry?". For the next 30 minutes, while my girls are being taken care of, and overseen by the Vet while we were talking, we discussed concealed carry, training, and self defense. He got up, continued the conversation while he examined the girls and gave them all a clean bill of health. It all ended up with him telling me, from that point forward, never to worry about carrying when I come into his facility ( I think he already assumed I was carrying, even tho I didn't acknowledge it). He and his wife both have CWP. He carries Glock 27. He also practices Tae Kwon Do on a regular basis. I offered to bring and later in the day brought to him, several books (i.e. Principles of Personal Defense, Surgical Speed Shooting, Lessons From Armed America, and suggested he get In the Gravest Extreme). I suggested a couple of PROFESSIONAL training courses and locations for Defensive Pistol training. He said he and his wife had discussed giving each other a training course as an Anniversary gift. Bottom line is, I made a good choice on a new Vet for the girls...

    Then today, I went to check out a private membership range less than 10 miles from my house. To make this long story short, I joined with a yearly membership of $100. About 1500 yards off the highway, in the woods, locked gate and ONLY range members have key to the lock. Lots of parking, Covered area, 25, 50, 75, and 100 yard berms. Guests can be taken. NO shooting on Saturdays before 1 p.m as it is close to a 7th Day Adventist church and no shooting after dark. Minimal stipulations other than safety and keeping the range clean. Brass can be left on the ground as there are folks that come out to clean it up for their own profit.

    Now I ask, did I have a good two days or what!!!!!
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    Oh, MAN, I need to find a range like that around here! Anyone know of any places like that in the Tampa area?
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    Good for you on both counts! It's nice when life gives you a break and things go your way!
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    You have a Boston Terrier!? Cool! I have one, too! Been raising them for 35 years. But my BT doesn't carry, tho! :)

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    I met my current Vet in pretty much the same way you did, thirty some odd or so, years ago.

    I was a High School kid needing a Vet for his dog. He was a new Vet needing a client. He was the only one, of perhaps four or five that I had called, that took the time to answer my questions. I'm proud of the fact that I'm Customer #34 and the only one that he lets run a tab. I may run up a bill, but I always pay it off over time.

    We, wife and I, took our remaining old man to him today to sort out some medical issues. I don't know how much longer the old man will be with us, but I intend to take my new kids to him too when they arrive. Tom, the Vet, is an old farmboy and I'm a slightly used ranch kid, so we tend to get along.


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    Quote Originally Posted by CCWFlaRuger View Post
    Oh, MAN, I need to find a range like that around here! Anyone know of any places like that in the Tampa area?
    not tampa but the one I'm a member of in orlando is like that. fees are a little higher though i think the 1st year runs about $200 and then its about $130 after that? I don't remember because if you pull RSO hours they give you credit towards your membership dues. If you do 50 hours in a year they make you pay only the insurance fee of about $15 I think. You let yourself in and out and can shoot 365 days a year as long as its daylight. CFRPC-Welcome

    Also know of an out door range in Titusville but that's even farther for you

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