Vision Issues

Vision Issues

This is a discussion on Vision Issues within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I would appreciate tips/advice/etc. I am in my 50's and as with many of us, my vision has gone to hell in a handbasket. I ...

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Thread: Vision Issues

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    Vision Issues

    I would appreciate tips/advice/etc. I am in my 50's and as with many of us, my vision has gone to hell in a handbasket. I am nearsighted and was wearing progressive trifocals but they just could not make them work any more. So, I wear contacts for distance and cheaters for reading. My vision is sharp from about 6 feet out so of course, my sights are not in my good field of vision. I am OK in bright light but anywhere darker (like at the range) my sight picture is very poor. Add to all this the fact that I am right handed but left eye dominant. As a result I shoot with my left eye closed, which I know is not ideal. I have a TLR-2 mounted when at home but carry is impossible with the light/laser mounted given size and lack of holsters. I also have Truglo sights installed. I cannot be the only person with this issue, how do you deal with this? My thoughts are that I need to learn point shooting as my only real alternative. I can wear my old glasses at the range which helps but I want a real world solution. Thanks for your help everyone.
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    I am in a similar position, contacts/readers. You may just need a change to your prescription, with my last adjustment I can now see clearly from up close to infinity and only need readers for small print or poor contrast ie: black print on blue paper. Another option is the multi-focal lenses from Bausch & Lomb, I haven’t tried them yet since they are not available in my prescription but here is a link for a free pair.

    Just for comparison my prescription is –6.00 left and –5.50 right.
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    I am right handed and left eye dominant also...legally blind without my glasses in the right eye...

    Have been for years, and I've adjusted my grip to use my left eye...

    It took some work, but practice, practice, practice has made it almost natural...
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    FWIW: At 52, I'm concluding that for real world solutions, the answer is to NOT focus on the front sight. Why?

    If you are shooting paper targets, then it is OK to use shooting glasses. If you are hunting...I don't know. I don't hunt. But for self-defense, it doesn't matter if the front sight is blurry - just that you are AWARE of it. I think the reason people say to focus on it is that new shooters neglect the sights if they don't consciously focus on them. However, for ranges out to about 25 yards, I find I merely need to be aware of the sights...that I should 'see' what now looks like an almost solid bar along the top of the gun. I think I can focus on the target as long as I stay aware of the sights...I'm just trying this out recently.

    And at most self-defense ranges, I need to merely point the gun at shoulder level and use my arm to guide the shot. It is good enough to keep me very close in azimuth although it hurts a bit in elevation. My shots at 15-25 yards tend to vary a bit in height, but not in width. For a COM shot to the chest, being off +/-4 inches in height won't matter much. Inside 15 yards, my normal elevation error is even less.

    To a certain extent, that means being willing to adjust my shooting to closer ranges if I need more accuracy. I'm not an LEO and don't expect to try a head shot at 50 feet...probably more like 10-15 feet.

    Also - I first noticed the problem preparing to deploy to Afghanistan in 2007. It wasn't comfortable shooting with my glasses prone, so I took them off...and couldn't focus on the front sight of an M4. I accepted the blurriness, and found I could still hit the pop-up men at 300 yards. So it wasn't a sharp front sight that I needed, just good sight awareness.

    Another possibility to consider for self defense is laser sights. I haven't tried them, but at night in a home defense scenario, I have no sights to see. Some may be able to train to accurate shooting without sights, but I suspect most would be better off accepting the minor delay of a laser sight in exchange for knowing for certain where the bullet is going to go. It would also allow good shots from waist level.

    Sure wish someone would figure out a surgery that corrects the aging of the eyes, tho!

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    I was a very competitive shooter until 2 years ago, when I turned 50. That's when I got "lineless" bifocals, so I could read, and supposedly it "fine tuned" my distance vision also. But I lost a lot on the range, both in time and accuracy. About a month ago I tried shooting without my corrective lenses. First time out my shooting was much better, from up close out to 50 yards - both speed and accuracy. It's been improving dramatically in the weeks since - last week I placed 3rd in a range competition (about 50 shooters), and this past Friday I placed 2nd in a pin shoot (my son still whips me).
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    Well, those that recommend better glasses...I hope that you're wearing them during that 'robbery attempt' in a Wally World parking lot.
    The best advice that I can give (and my eyes are in their 6th decade) is to get into a 'point shooting' class, then you won't need those sights to defend yourself.OMO ...See Integrated Threat Focus Systems at the top of the screen...Brownie is an excellent instructor, and he will show you how to eliminate the need for pistol sights.
    He made a believer out of me. He has classes all over the country at various times. Check his won't be disappointed.
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    Absolutely. Brownie (who is a personal friend, along with several others) and several other point shooting instuctors will take you beyond the use of sights for normal SD distances.

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    As I mentioned, point shooting seems to be my only real option. The laser is good in the house off the nightstand, but out and about of no use. I spent eight months trying every contact/glasses combo in the market, I have the best I can but a compromise. Even tried the monocular vision contact idea without good results. I cannot lose the glasses, I cannot see clearly to use the can without glasess, LOL. I appreciate the comments. Anyone else have the left eye dominant right handed issue other than DaveJay? How do you deal with it?
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    There was an article in the Concealed Carry magazine May/June 2010 that you might want to read. It is by Grant Cunningham and is called "Shooting with Old Eyes: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love my Bifocals".

    In a nutshell, he recommends maintaining a good shooting posture and focusing on the target and not the sights. I think you would enjoy reading it. It was very worthwhile for me.

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    How about shooting glasses that cover really thick glasses...I have really bad vision in both eyes, but its almost gone in the left. The range I shoot at doesn't mandate shooting glasses if your prescription glasses, so I never wear or even picked out a good pair of shooting glasses. For the record, I'am 43 and my left eye is service connected, it's not diabetes or something genetic.
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    The laser is just what the doctor ordered for you folks with vision related problems.

    That is because you only focus on one thing and that would be the deadly threat.

    You do not look at...or focus on your firearm at all when it is laser equipped.

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    I have one shoting Glasses that I use. I am right eye dominant. My reading prescription is a Diopter of 1.75. My shooting glasses are are a combination of 1.75 Diopter in the right eye to the Front Sight in focus and the left eye is 1.25 to keep the target in focus. All is well worth to get it in focus and with a yellow tint to get targets better seen.
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    As others have pointed out....LEARN/TAKE TRAINING FROM A PROFESSIONAL to point shoot. With that being said, I am right handed, left eye dominant, and wear tri-focals (lined vs progressives). I still focus on my front sight using my dominant left eye (sometimes close right eye, sometimes not), with the target as a blur behind the front sight (like it's meant to be). Use your dominant eye!!! Why in the world would you be using your right eye unless you are "training" your right eye to be dominant? I have NO problems whatsoever, 10 yards and in, going through a self defense routine to include moving. Of course the laser on your weapon is an option, and lasix eye surgery is another. JMO
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