ESEE/Rat RC-4 Sheath Modifications (Personal Survival Kit)

ESEE/Rat RC-4 Sheath Modifications (Personal Survival Kit)

This is a discussion on ESEE/Rat RC-4 Sheath Modifications (Personal Survival Kit) within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have been taking a serious look at a new belt sheath for my RC-4 lately. The Molle back it came with really wasn't working ...

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Thread: ESEE/Rat RC-4 Sheath Modifications (Personal Survival Kit)

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    ESEE/Rat RC-4 Sheath Modifications (Personal Survival Kit)

    I have been taking a serious look at a new belt sheath for my RC-4 lately. The Molle back it came with really wasn't working on my belt and - wanted something with the capacity to hold small items of kit and maybe make the sheath into a small PSK (personal survival kit). The Spec-Ops Combat Master looked great, having that little pocket, but even the "short" sheath is shaped for a slightly longer blade. The typical KSF/Sharpshooter sheath didn't have a pocket, just a firesteel loop, and was $50. Every other decent option was more expensive than that. You'll see over time that when I'm frustrated in a product search or activity out comes the redneck engineer. So I start to thinking that maybe I can make a sheath myself or just modify the kydex body the RC-4 came with.

    So I head on over to Youtube and take a look at Colhane's channel. He had a neck knife setup as a PSK using bicycle inner tube for flaps/pockets. I then remembered a Dave Canterbury video where he did something similar with a machete. Having made some "pathfinder" type gear myself I thought I could do the same with the kydex body. That would solve the pocket issue, but what about the belt carry?

    As I looked around for images of different RC-4's I saw one mod where a poster on BladeForums used a piece of rappel grade webbing and some zipties to add a loop for his RC-6. That would be perfect if I sewed some loops to keep the webbing from shifting under the zip ties. I know I can do it now, and for cheap.

    So while on a break at work I took some time to do this.

    Materials - kydex sheath body, two 8" zip ties (will be cut), one 12" section of webbing (will be cut), 26"x1 3/8" inner tube, and I sewed the webbing loops with upholstery thread but that's not necessary.

    Tools - knife/scissors, needle if you choose to sew loops in the webbing.

    1) Cut a piece of webbing that will eventually serve as the belt loop. You could also use old belt leather or even paracord as an alternative. I chose to sew several sections so the webbing wouldn't shift. Cut it to reach an inch lower than you plan the lowest zip tie to be but long enough for the sheath to ride where you want it.

    2) Put the zip ties into as many rivet holes as you'd like. I think two is fine.

    3) Loop the webbing and place it where you'd like height-wise against the body. Remember to place it for righty/lefty.

    4) Cinch down the zip ties and cut the excess. That will create the belt loop section. You should be able to modify these plans for horizontal carry fairly easily

    5) Cut inner tube to the size pockets you want. Remember that the larger you cut the pieces the harder it will be to stretch them and slide them into place.

    6) Starting with the top pocket slide the inner tubes into place with each new piece overlapping the "bottom" of the higher piece. I'll admit, this part is difficult. This will create the pockets.


    Now that I've completed the "construction" I'll have to put together a PSK on the sheath. Sorry about the small pics, I'll post better pictures when it's complete.

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    Don't you love it when a plan comes together?
    Yep, bigger PICS would help.

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    Looks nice. Thanks for reminding me of the Colhane video. I'd had seen that video before and now I couldn't remember where to find it.

    Also if you can resize and post larger pictures of your project it would be helpful.

    Looks like a great job!
    Semper Fi

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