Training question. Have you ever had a Negligent Discharge?

This is a discussion on Training question. Have you ever had a Negligent Discharge? within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; That is a good habit to have...regardless if it is brand new or not...I always check the chamber. At one point when the firearm was ...

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Thread: Training question. Have you ever had a Negligent Discharge?

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    That is a good habit to have...regardless if it is brand new or not...I always check the chamber. At one point when the firearm was at the manufacturer, it was test fired, and mistakes can happen as we all know. I try to be very diligent and always hand a customer a firearm, only after I have opened and visually checked the chamber and show the open chamber to the customer so they see an empty chamber as well....when I forget; I call myself a knuckle head in my head to myself.... When I return home, and reopen the business...I will install a clearing barrel....

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    I have an old Iver Johnson .410 single shot that I was letting my high school girlfriend shoot one time. It's the kind that you have to pull the hammer back and it's not easy either. I let her attempt to cock it back while I was holding the gun with one hand and pointing it in a safe direction as I knew that there was a great possibility that the hammer would slip from her grip. Sure enough, BANG! Scared the #%$@ out of her but I was pretty much ready for it.
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    Not a ND with a live firearm. But during FATS training (simulated deadly force encounter with a laser fireing pistol) there was a situation where two men were rapidly approaching. One of the guys had a 2x4 and he raised it to strike, I instinctivly shot both of them. If that had been for real I would have been facing homicide charges. My instructor didn't catch that I shot both "suspects" so I passed the test, but I'll always remember how easily and quickly a mistake can be made.
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    I had one in 1974 and it wasn't a good thing. Nobody got hurt except for my pride, but it does clearly open your mind. Ever since, I've been completely crazy with safety, and it dramatically changed my attitude towards firearms. I can attest that unloaded firearms are more dangerous than loaded ones’.
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    50 years of shooting and I have luckily never had a ND.

    I had a AD when I was about 14 years old. I had a Winchester single shot .22. You opened the bolt, put a round in the chamber, closed the bolt and then pulled back a cocking knob behind the bolt. I was standing there holding the rifle with one hand on the stock, barrel pointing down as I was taught, and it went off. Scared the hell out of me.
    An inspection by my Dad revealed something was worn out and it would release the cocking knob and fire if you bumped the rifle.
    He put it up and I don't know whatever happened to it.

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    Nope never, and never intend too.
    I live, eat, and breath the 4 Universal Safety Rules.

    Not trying to be a smart ---, but I honestly think that if you carry a gun, handle a gun, live with guns etc...., you must adhere to them always - no exceptions.

    I do know that sometimes people make mistakes, but around firearms you just can't afford one.
    Tomorrow's battle is won during today's practice.

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