Almost three quarters of defensive shootings occur in diminished, low, or almost no light at all. Why not learn what skills and techniques you need to prevail when the lights go out?

Rochester Personal Defense, LLC is holding it's Low Light Handgun Operator Training class at the GCL in Penfield on Saturday evening, December 11th from 5pm to 9pm.

When people hear the term “Low Light shooting” What they most often think of is shooting in the dark, and most people don’t have the ability to train in low light or reduced light or dark conditions.

Even if it is not dark outside could you be in an area of low or reduced light?

Some examples are: a parking garage, stairwell, hallway, alleyway, closets, tunnels, etc.

Perpetrators of street crimes are more active after sundown. So if you do carry a flashlight do you know how to use it?

Subjects Covered:
• Firearms safety in self-defense and low light situations
• Handgun/flashlight techniques such as Harries, Chapman, FBI, etc.
• Handgun manipulation with a flashlight - i.e. speed reloading, tactical reloading, clearing malfunctions
• Using cover and concealment with a flashlight
• Movement and tactical clearing with a flashlight
• Flashlight types and modifications, lasers, night sights, and accessories

Equipment required: Eye and ear protection, A flashlight, A working and reliable Concealed carry oriented firearm, (NO target or hunting guns) 100-150 rounds of ammunition, 3 magazines or speedloaders with holders, a quality strong side belt mounted type holster ( NO shoulder holsters ), comfortable, weather appropriate footwear and clothing.

Prerequisites: NY State Pistol Permit, NRA Basic Pistol or equivalent training/shooting experience
(Please call for questions)

Date/Time: December 11th, 2010 5pm-9pm
Location: Genesee Conservation League
Cost: 65.00
Registration: 585-406-6758 or Rochester Personal Defense -, Self Defense Classes, Firearms Training in Rochester New York

Spots held by pre-registration only
"From training comes knowledge. From knowledge comes confidence. From confidence comes triumph."

Dave Jenkins,
Founder, Program Director: Rochester Personal Defense, LLC
NRA Certified Instructor and Training Counselor for:Well, pretty much everything!
"From training comes knowledge. From knowledge comes confidence. From confidence comes triumph."