Here's what's up so far:

Point-Shooting Progressions/Force-on-Force Gunfighting, March 26th-27th, taught by Roger Phillips.

Defensive Pistol Skills, April 30th-May 1st. I'll be teaching this one.

Fighting Rifle Skills, June 11th-12th. I'll be teaching this one as well. Note that my orientation here will be mainly in the use of the long-gun at sub-100 yard ranges, though the basic shooting and marksmanship techniques applicable to all ranges will, of course, be covered.

H2H4CCW - Combatives For Gunmen, taught by Eric Pfleger. This course deals with things anyone can do when they're caught at close range before they can get to the gun or other weapon. This class will likely be held indoors as well.

Point-Shooting Gunfighting Skills, August 27th-28th. I'll teach this course.

Point Shooting Progressions, September 10-11th, Roger Phillips. This will be immediately followed by...

Advanced Point Shooting Progressions, September 12-13th, Roger Phillips.

Ya'll come and train with us.