Observations from a low-light pistol class

Observations from a low-light pistol class

This is a discussion on Observations from a low-light pistol class within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I took an introductory low-light pistol class today. In the spirit of training as you fight, I took my LCP in a pocket holster. Got ...

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Thread: Observations from a low-light pistol class

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    Observations from a low-light pistol class

    I took an introductory low-light pistol class today. In the spirit of training as you fight, I took my LCP in a pocket holster. Got some strange looks from one of the instructors, but the "head guy" had cleared it ahead of time.

    My LCP (which had gone back to Ruger twice for various issues) ran flawlessly. Kudos to Ruger for getting it right.

    I run a CT laser on my LCP (as all my other carry guns). Most of the shooting was at 5 yards, and I was the only student (of 8) with a laser. I was also the only student that did not miss the target once, and the only one with anything that looked like a group on the target's chest and head. Coincidence? I don't think so. Debate lasers if you want to, but all my carry guns will continue to have them.

    We compared the LED lights to incandescent. One unexpected drawback to the LED lights is that the blue tint of the light tends to destroy your depth perception - things look flat instead of 3 dimensional. I was thinking of getting an LED version of my Surefire G2 light, but now I'm not so sure.

    With only 6 rounds in my mags, I got to practice a LOT of mag changes. Anyone who says they can count how many rounds they fire off in a gun fight is either a genius, delusional, or a liar. There was no way I could really keep track of rounds fired once things got really going. I once changed mags thinking I was dry, only to rack the slide and eject a perfectly good live round.

    I normally carry spare mags in my left cargo pocket, in a "spare mag wallet" from abetterholster. This also worked well, and mag changes were faster than I expected. Again - train as you fight - I don't walk down the street with mags hanging off my belt.

    My pocket holster worked very well - a #6 from Hidden Holsters - Expertly Crafted Pocket Holsters - modified with a thumb push-off. I never had an issue with getting the gun into play, and the holster only came out of the pocket once - no big deal.

    I normally use a horizontal kydex flashlight belt holster from jsholsters (the more common vertical holsters wore a hole in the lining of my suit jackets). I have typically carried the light with the lens to the rear, but I may now carry with the lens forward, as this is quicker when using the "syringe grip" flashlight method (aka Rogers/Surefire method), which seems to be the method I liked best. Plus, it eliminates the light sometimes turning on when I bend over.

    If you've never taken a low-light class, I recommend it. Running the gun while also holding a light is certainly a challenge, but one that is worth mastering.
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    Kudos on ya for using your real gear.

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