Defensive pistol training

Defensive pistol training

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Thread: Defensive pistol training

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    Defensive pistol training

    My wife will be taking her CCW class this week. After she has completed the class I would like to take her to a defensive handgun class so that both of us can recieve additional training. At this time I have looked at what is avaiable in OKC along with Gunsite, Thunder Ranch and Frontsight. I know there are several others.

    Have any of you attended classes at more than one of these locations so that you can provide some compare and contrast of the different classes. I would like input from those who have been to more than just one training school.

    We live in the OK Panhandle and are not opposed to traveling to get good training.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Welcome to the forum. My wife and I took a class (4 day defensive handgun) at Front Sight which was great. I have been shooting for a long time and comfortable with the gun I carry, but I really learned a lot. My wife was less comfortable, as we were driving to Front Sight she admitted she was afraid that someone might get her gun away from her. When we left I asked how she felt, "now I know how to use it and doubt anyone could get it away from me without a bunch of holes to deal with." BTW she has her CCW but still has not carried.

    The class was great the instructors work with people at all levels and are willing to teach if you are willing to learn. I am much more efficient than I was and continue to work out some old bad habits.

    The cost prevented me from planning a trip until I was able to get a certificate to Front Sight for $300 each. I have certificates I can sell, or you can get the certificates on ebay.

    If you decide to go to Front Sight send me a PM, I am willing to discuss my experience with you.

    Have fun.

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    I've taken the 4 day, and 2 day courses at Front Sight. I highly recommend the 4 day; you'll get a lot more out of it. They work on presentation with concealment in the 4 day class, but not in the 2 day.

    They have many different courses, with different focuses, but I'm speaking of the standard 'defensive' courses as opposed to the others.

    If you sign up for their email newsletter you'll receive better offers. Be patient and don't pay full price.
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    You also have a top-notch facility over in Tulsa... USSA!!!
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    Decent introductory-level classes shouldn't be too difficult to find, but I recently stated that, if I were to send my wife somewhere, it would probably be Front Sight. I took a course there recently, and although it wasn't an 'oh my gosh my life has changed' event, seeing how they handled students completely new to firearms (and there were plenty who indicated that they had CCWs that I would fit into that category) and brought them up to being comfortable and competent was impressive. It was a very relaxed environment where they didn't feel intimidated even if they happened to be shooting next to someone who probably could have taught the class, based on their skill levels.

    There are many complaints that you can find all over the internet (OMG, they still teach WEAVER!, they have a cookie cutter approach, it's too basic, I'm uber and they won't let me shoot the way I always have), but the majority are because they ARE good at taking someone who's never picked up a firearm and get them using it safely...and the guys who believe they know better (or actually DO know more) kind of get in the way of that.

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    Check out Tactical Response (Fighting Pistol) out of Camden, TN and Rangemaster (Combative Pistol) out of Memphis, TN...I've attended both as well as several locally. They are excellent.
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