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To considered competent, at a minimum, pass Massad Ayoob's MAG-20 Live Fire class or an equivalent class, and a force on force class of at least 8 hours.

Be able to run your weapon, draw and shoot accurately and fairly quickly, clear malfunctions, move/transition to different positions, have a good understanding of the laws of lethal force, and have gotten a force on force class under your belt to drill into your head that the use of lethal force is NOT an activity you want to ever engage in because doesn't matter how good you are - you can still die fairly easily when things go bad.

Then you are competent.

CIA/Special Action Group material? Maybe not.

But competent that you are more a danger to the people you want to be a danger to than the people you want to protect.

well said. the underlying point Ive been trying for is very much as MitchellCT says--

before you holster your gun and leave out protecting self and family you must have trained till you are more a danger to 'them' than yourselves,

when you got your license to drive the instructor knew you would get in 3 to 5 accidents,,,one seriously bad before you found out the tricks and
acquired the road time skills necessary to learn to avoid that which before you crashed because of. with a gun it is different---

you need the end-game skills before you can start the game. and that folks, is the rest of the story.